Jun 8, 2012

Birthday Girl is not amused

My b-day was on the 25th of May. And I turned 25, which makes me like uber cool, right? 

I did a very typical Gone2RehabBRB shadow placement combined with an atypical shimmery brownbone highlight. I usually hate to do that but I've lately been loving the shimmah under the brows for some reason. 

More pictures, list of products and a mugshot are at the bottom of the post after the jump ;)

Products used:
Bronzer in the crease

Inner corner: Isadora Pearls eyeshadow Quartet - slivery taupe
Outer V:  Fyrinnae Fire Opal

I don't know what the gloss was but darn, it photographs pretty
I was not amused because it's summer and I hated how cool these shadows were. I actually get upset - hkkm, well that's a bit of an exaggaration - unhappy if i wear unhappy colors when it's so nice and sunny outside.


Donna said...

that's called your 'golden birthday' when you turn the age that's the same day as your birthday. For instance, I was born on the 12th, so my golden birthday was when I turned 12. :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Donna; I didn't know that =)
In my country, 50 year marks are called golden. haha

Liza said...


Celia Aranda said...

This post is great! thanks for share! :)


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