Aug 27, 2012

Matchy-matchy. Sorta

Hey guys =)

If you were attracted by the thumbnail and you came here to see what is so matchy-matchy about this look I'll just tell you straight away - the lid color has the same tones as the douchrome effect eyeshadow I placed in the crease.

Products used on the upper lid:

  • Fyrinnae loose eyeshadow in Conjuror: a purple with blue/teal duochrome (in the crease)
  • Lily Lolo mineral eyeshadow in Pixie Sparkle: metallic teal (all over the lid)

  •  Gosh loose eyeshadow in Paradise: shimmery gold with blue undertones (inner corner of the eye) 

For my brownbone highlighting I used  EDM lucent powder in Light Pink. This product was also used under my eye to act as a concealer or moreso a correcting concealer. I went over it with my regular mineral foundation because Light Pink is a bit too light for my summer tan. 

Lower lashes are lined with  Essence Metallic Eyeshadow Pencil in 03 Iron Goddess, topped with the shimmery yellow from the Isadora LE Delirous Palette.

Now that I see all  these pictures edited, It's clear to me the lower lashine is an overkill. I would personally have prefered the Pixie Sparkle in place of the golden liner. Or even Conjuror would be really pretty!

I also am not happy with transition of the inner corner color into the teal. A mid-tone teal would have made a far better transition between Pixie Sparkle and Gosh Paradise. Next time. =)

It's really neat how well the crease and the lid color go with each other so nicely. I used a yellowish liner to make some kind of contrast to all the red and blue tones going on up there but I'm not too sure about it now.

If you've read through my description of the look and you have a suggestion of what to put on my lower lashes next time, I'd be really happy if you can take the time and let me know in the comment section.

Thank you !



Anonymous said...

Tale MU mi je u nulo :) in tole z ujemajočim duochrome učinkom je super, sem tudi že sama preizkusila nekaj podobnega in mi je bilo zmeraj ful všeč <3

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Še celo pozo/kot slikanja sem ti ukradla, ne samo stila nanosa :P

olgiepolgie said...

This is so pretty! I love the colours you've used together. That colour shift is awesome.

Saimese said...

those colours look great together

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