Aug 28, 2011

Monolid (hooded eyes) eyeshadow application tip

Hi, darlings.

What I have here is example of what my Sony Ericsson Vivaz smartphone can do with it's HD  camera at optimal daylight condition. Now, I realize that computer monitors and monitors setting will vary, but on mine these picture show the true colors and shading of this eye makeup to a T.


On the lids I foiled EDM eyeshadow in Bird Bath and runned it along the lower lashline.
As usual, I'm not wearing any browbone highlight. 

And the contours of my eyes are defined by a medium brown shade. A matte one. Notice I did not place e color in the crease but rather just above it, going by my eye's bone structure. It leaves little space for highlighting, but it makes my lids appear much, much larger. Which is something I'm always concerned about, with all these gorgeous dove-eyed bloggers and youtubers setting such a strong example of how big eyes can be make-up. But dear gurus, not EVERYBODY needs a deep crease color to make their eyes look more prominent ;) Just a thought.

The very last step was to add a cat liner. If I go for liner, this is how I tend to do it. Feels more flatteringthan anything else I've tried. And soon to be discontinued (*throws a tantrum*) Essence Black Mania Waterproof liquid liner is just the thing to do the job. Oh, cheap product, how I love yee. It's black and it stays put until it's removed by oily make-up remover. Regular make-up remover doesn't even budge it.

with this silly new blog layout I have to keep pictures small, so feel free to click on them to
view them full-size.

For mascara you can use the above raved liner which I've been doing and LOVED the result.
But here I'm wearing my normal coats of IsaDora Waterproof mascara on the upper lashes. Lower lashes are coated with my new discovered love which is,of course, going to be discontinued as
well. Lets just keep all this pictures in loving memory of Essence Multi Action Mascara.

Seriously, how I am suppose to live without these essentials :D Essence, you are being plain silly!

That's all I wanted to share =)
Hope you are having a fantastic time, guys!

<3, V.

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saracr said...

very nice..i love this eyes make up

The Peach said...

Love these colors! Thanks for sharing about the color placement!

Isadonna said...

What a beautiful eyeshadow colour! A really perfect look for your eyes. And I think that you're right - one does not necessarily need a dark eyeshadow for the crease :)

esteeem said...

Love this! Simple yet elegant.. And yes, not everyone has nice big eyes! Some looks just don't suit me 

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I know what you mean, my lids are rather small too and I have yet to master any trick which makes them look larger :( Maybe this will help me? :D

Love your pics, you look so beautiful<3

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