Jul 13, 2011

Soft Lashes

Hey, sweethearts

Here I am, once again with a look featuring falsies from kkcenterhk. They are the clear band ones.
Neutral look with cat liner and lips stained with MAC Russian Red lipstick.

How they look up close:

From the side, unfortunately they peel off (looks so scary LOL) at the end and none of other pictures were focused so this will have to do.  From the side you can see how natural they look.

Very gorgeous when you look down <3
But my eyes are sooo small that all the pair of lashes on the planet look dramatically long on me. Not sure if that is good or bad. But it means I can't wear them for daytime.
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Taya said...

Super izgledajo na tebi. Mislim, da bi ti take dolge trepalnice lepo pasale.

Jen said...

they look great on you.. minus the end thats peeling off =/
They dont look too dramatic at all from your photos ^_^

Mei Mei said...

You won a blog award on my blog! ♥

darksome: said...

Mene pa celo bolj kot trepalnice imperisonira šminka - krasna je! :)

Des said...

I just love your make-up and your eyes. Falsies are natural and looks really good..!

Meinstern said...

woooow, soooo sexy.beautiful.

SilhouetteScreams said...

LOVE the lips and those lashes are so soft and gorgeous, despite being quite long. They give a lovely dolly/doe-eyed effect imo :3

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