Sep 12, 2012

Getting to Know You EOTD

 Hey guys =)

I bought two new pigments and I slapped them on in a simple manner to see how they preform.
This is what I got:

Products used: 

  • Barry M Dazzle Dust in shade #79 Gold Green

  • Sleek Eye Dust in shade In the Nude

The Dazzle Dust I have in the crease and it's a lovely light green with gold iridescence. it's one of those fresh mojito kind of yellowy lime color. The texture is perfect; finely milled and adheres to the skin quite hapilly. 

I smear Sleek pigment in In the Nude all over the lid. And I am shocked at how well it photographs in natural day light. 
In reality, this is a very flakey product of greyish white color that does not seem to have a color base. Almost seems like it's a translucent base with tone of powdered glitter, you know? The kind of glitter that is soft to the touch and it could almost pass as shimmer particle but it's too big. They are soft-to-the-touch flakes, which probably explains the weird texture of this product.

It catches a lot of light, on the other hand. So I am on the fence in deciding if this is pretty or utterly gross. Like I said before, it looks 
beautiful on pictures.

I would personally say not to use it over emolient bases because you will pile on a lot of product and it will gross and cakey. The good thing about it is you need the tiniest amount to cover your eyeballz.

I want to test it out over a drying primer and a fluffy brush to see if I can make it work. However, it is very like this will become a nail polish. 

The amount you get is actually insane as well, a whopping 6.5 g.
No real chance to use that up if you do not absolutely adore the color.

I'll report back when we and In The Nude get more intimately acquainted. Maybe I'll end up like it.

If you have this product and you know how to make it work, I would be happy to know. 

I'm sure there must be a method to this flaky madness :D 



EyeGraffiti said...

Wow, at first it was like nice gold you got hold of there, but with a longer look, i realized it was more green.... Hm, wicked but cool!!!
And i like the combo here, warm and cold together, but still hard to tell whether it's grey or something i just can't find the word for arrrgh!!!/Azure

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@EyeGraffiti: it's a confusing color. Something between a white and pale silver.

Luna said...

Those colors are great together !
I never used Barry M or Sleek pigments before , i might give them a try

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Luna:Thanks! When applied, the sleek dusts look a lot like the metallic shadows in sleek i-didivne palettes.

olgiepolgie said...

I love gold and silver together. I should give this a try.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@olgiepolgie: You could rock this combo in reverse (silver in the crease) with your skintone aswell as this :)

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