Aug 25, 2012

Comfort feeding with pralines

Hey guys =) Welcome back!

I became interested in this shading techique, where you place a dark color to you inner and outer corners, you sheerly wash it in the crease (so you connect both dark corners). And then you apply a highlighting color in the middle of the lid. 

Like so:

Notice how my tear duct is 
is a dark chocolately brown? Usually that is where the highlight colors go for me. But not with this technique, oh no. 

Surprisingly, I don't mind not going all bright-eyed, bushy tailed.
Yeah, it casts a shadow. Which is what I find really sexy.
Smokey eyes for big eyes is what this is which is why I've never really been much interested in making up my eyes like this. Now I'm a believer. 


Mineralissima Praline eyeshadow
Mineralissima Cream eyeshadow
Nyx Walnut eyeliner pencil (waterline) 
Ombia Waterproof mascara 


Essence LE 50's Girl Reloaded lipstick in 02 I'm Sailing 


BellaPierre eyeshadow in Posh ( a purple with blue douchrome) frankened with the sheer side of the
Logona dou blush in Peche.

If I was to show a signature look of what I am comfortable  wearing that isn't a nude no-make-up make-up, this would be it!
I'd probably go even deeper than this, I sometimes forget that shadow will fade once it settles on the skin properly. I have dry lids,  it's impossible to prevent drying out throught the day. First world problems, eh? :P

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Makeup Zombie said...

I love the soft glow from the inside out. Lovely!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Makeup Zombie: thank you. Interesting about the glow, Cream is such a plain shadow I would not expect it to do much.

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