Oct 13, 2011

MAtchy MAtchy make-up

Don't hate me for being late on ...everything?
There is even a giveaway for you not to hate me :)

Lisa's done this video ages ago and I tried out the matchy matchy trend the very next day, I just never posted it. Bad blogger, bad! Regardless of my late-to-the-party approach,I still think it came out beautifully face-wise, even if it's passé now. 
I adore how it makes you look fresh and polished, yet not overly made up. This could easily be my no-make-up make-up!

For cheeks and eyes I used Everyday Mineral eyeshadow in Jane Eyre, that is a part of my Project Cute Box. Lips are coated with a layer of brownish neutral lipstick, a lipstick by no-longer exsisting company, but it's the same color family as Jane Eyre.

I even flat-ironed my hair for this full face picture =)
Such commitment, huh?

I slapped on eyeshadow, from the lash up to just below my usual highligh space. Finished with a soft brown winged eyeliner and a coat of mascara.

A picture with added source of artifical daylight lamp, to show the sheen of the eyeshadow worn.
It's a satin-ish, definately no obvious frost, just a whiteish sheen.
This is seriously so easy and quick to do. To bad I get bored of doing the same look over and over.


The Peach said...

What a great look! Very simple, but so well done! I love the matchy-matchy look! :)

Urša said...

Zelo lepo in zelo zdravo zgledaš :) jest bi se tut tko lepo svetila, ne pa mastno :( btw, sm šele zdej opazila da maš novo frizurco :) zelo ti paše!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@The Peach: Thank youuuu *hug*

@Urša: O, hvala, hvala. Suh tip kože, kot je pri meni, je zelo hvaležno platno za osvetljevalce. čeprav imam na sliki za svoje razmere dokaj masten T-predel.
Pa recimo, da sem dewy, ker se lepše sliši :P

Urša said...

Hihi, svetiš se kot rosa :) meni se pa vse stopi iz obraza :(

Lorraine said...

It's pretty natural, and pretty as well, I really like the hair too :)

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