Oct 14, 2011

Blush swatches: Lily Lolo Cherry Blossom

* PR sample provided by www.lilylolo.si

Hey guys =)

I was given the chance to try some of Lily Lolo products for LilyLolo.si. Out of the four colors given this particular shade I feel is worth a full post. The rest are ok and nothing exciting, yet this one is AMAZEBALLS.

Lily Lolo Cherry Blossom blusher is one of the pretties blushes I've seen. It's a peachy satin finish powder product that has pink iridescent sheen to it.  Exactly like smoked or fresh salmon - a peach with a pink sheen. LOVE this. If you are pale and you're in the market for a peach blush I honestly think this is THE blush. Would be a nice addition to any make-up collection.

I've never been a fan of their shimmery blushers so I never ventured into other finishes they offer. A year ago, I bought Rosy Apple and hated it with a burning passion. Never wanted to come near their blushers again. And boy, was I missing out!
I'm so eager to try Clementine and Juicy Peach, two other peach blushers in the Lily Lolo range. 

Even though it's a blusher  I would use it for eyeshadow, but the official site gives no indication such use is safe. Alternative uses that differ from recommned/intended use are at your own discretion.

You can purchase it here Lily Lolo (US site) or if you are Slovene you can find the product at LilyLolo.si (slovenska stran).

I took a lot of swatches, more than usual simply because I became
absolutely smitten with this color.

Alrighty, here are my swacthes of Lily Lolo Cherry Blossom blusher.

Indirect natural light,
applied heavily and over primer. Swatch in the middle is wet application which is there to show you the pink sheen

Direct sun light
Please note that these swatches are applied thicky so I can show you the color better. I would prefer to include a FOTD with this on the cheeks but rainy days make it impossible on me.

I can't get over how stunning this blusher is. When I my budget recovers from my recent travels to Armenia and Georgia this beauty will be mine. Full size. Muhahahahaha.
So what you think? Do you like it?


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