Mar 8, 2013

Candy Apple, Apple Candy

Hey guys =) 

Been feeling colorful lately so I played around with a red eyeshadow.  I gave it a pop of teal color but nothing overwhelmingly torquoise.
Products used :

Orange: the peach from Sleek I-divine Chaos palette 
Red: Sundara Cosmetics eyeshadow in Bindi
Teal: Lily Lolo eyeshadow in Pixie Sparkle 

Fleur de Sante Liquid Eye Liner

One of those things *sigh* When I edited these I realized how freakishly small my eyes look in comparison to normal eyes.


Luna said...

This is a fun combo ! And damn i love those lashes !!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Luna: Thanks! I thought they went quite nicely together with the liner

Evelina Donko said...

Tako nenavadno kombiniranje barv in položaj.. Zelo lepo, pa tudi zelo lepe barve oči imaš (:

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