Oct 21, 2015

Manj rožnato: kokodeo

Izmed vseh rakavih obolenj pri ženskah je, po navedbah organizacije Europa Donna, rak dojk najpogostejše -- vsak peti primer raka pri ženskah je ravno rak dojk. Na njihovi spletni strani lahko najdete nasvete o zmanjšanju tveganja, ki bi vas utegnili zanimati.

Sicer nisem "pinkiš" deklina /reče koklja, ki ima ozadje bloga živo roza/, ampak blogerke letos sodelujemo z barvanjem objav na rožnato, pa si želim biti del tega. Ker je
(1) pomembno in
(2) bi rada opolnomočila katero izmed bralk k zavestnemu zmanjšanju tveganja za nastanek raka.

Veliko je dejavnikov tveganja, a vendar danes izpostavljam -- kozmetiko. Nekatere kozmetične sestavine so zdravju škodljive, morda se tudi spomnite, da so parabeni prišli na slab glas, ker so jih našli v rakastem tkivu dojk. Vse pogosteje pa s prstom kažejo na aluminije soli. In kje so?  V veliki večini konvencionalnih deodorantov. Zato z vami danes delim recept za pripravo deodoranta, ki je naraven, enostaven za izdelavo in učinkovit.

Potrebujete le nekaj osnovnih sestavin, tako da le prebudite svojo notranjo bioekobejbo in gremo na delo! 

Za domač pripravek, ljubkovalno mu rečem kokodeo :D, sem vzela:

Jan 4, 2015


It has become a tradition for me to use Fyrinnae Dinosaur Plushie eyeshadow
 in my NYE eyeshadow war paint.I mean, it's rainbow glitter. How can you not want to rub rainbow glitter all over yourself. Glitter is, however, notoriusly hard to capture if you do not have state of the art picture capturing devices and tools. For a "low-tech make-up is just a on-n-off hobby" type of gal, showing you how well I sparkled is quite challenging. I resorted to filming my moving eye, but just rewatching it made me dizzy :) Kudos to all the
internet make-up people who do this on a regular basis and keep their followers engaged.

In itself, this a look done with purple eyeshadows that have blue douchrome and blue sparkle. Lily Lolo Chocolate Fudge Cake being one of them. I think I've declared this shadow my fav eye dark fairy dust many, many times before. It's amazing, I'd advise  everybody to simply get it. Inner corners are done using Essence Disco Diva (D/C). 

You might get a feel for the sparkle in the below un-focused picture.

Happy 2015,  everybody, may it be full of joy and may you adorn your face with a cloud of sparkle and glisten your way towards 2016. 


Jan 4, 2014

Summer bronze

Hello =) 

Well, just check this backlogged post out. Photos so over-lit by the scorching sun it almost seems like and inconsiderate joke to post in in the begining of January.  I do notice my brows looked fabolous back then, must have been my bushy phase. I was also my scares lashes phase.

Recalling the product used

Jan 2, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013 make-up

 Oh HAI. 
Nice to have you back :)

This year, I decided I wanted a colorful NYE eyeshadow look. Although the main focus was parrot-like colors, I still kept my lining very heavily black and somewhat harsh. Of course, I had to use glitter and false lashes, both of which are not partculary obvious when using phone camera.

 The whole look started with me smearing

Jan 1, 2014

2013 Round-up

 HI =) 
Happy New Year,  pretty gals and lads. 
I really love all the posts that are poping up these days, the 2013 favs, the resolutions, the empties; the rounds up. HEY, why not combine it all, I though. In this post, I'll share my 2013 favorite make-up items with the list I got from Robyn of Eyeliner and Spray Paint, my 2013 empties (I saved the majority of itmes, would you believe it?) and a few things I would like to resolute to.
Let's gets started with

Gone2RehabBRB 2013 FAVORITES. 


Dec 27, 2013

Dashing through the No

Hello guys =)

Happy Holidays. Did you like my little Grumpy Cat refernece in the title? :P

It was getting a bit lonely over here at my blog and there's no wonder why. 
"Y U NO POST MUCH?" Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. There are things that unfortunately can happen, called life and making a living. And apart from that, my face doesn't look particulary good, lol :D

On that note,  I am so happy to find a tool that helps me cover acne scars very efficiently. It's a no-brainer hyped up brush and a cult classic. Only had it for two week but it's one thing that finally makes me feel normal; Real Techinque brush from their Core Collection. I must own all brushes designed in this. OWN ALL THE BRUSHES.

Here is what I came over for to share with you guys, before I was shocked by the fact that my last post was in October and felt the need of a chattier intro to the post. 
Teal baby, indeed it is teal!.

Oct 22, 2013

Army WIfe EOTD

Hi =)

Not the best of the looks but look.... GLITTER. Blue glitter liner that I had to throw away after this last time wear - for some strnage reason the gel started to burn my eyes and it had to go. 
I didn't bother to curl those ugly lashes to  bring out the glitter more. 


I was just playing around with Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Aztec Gold. 
I have that all over the upper lid. It's a mossy green with a touch of gold and yellow undertone.
The finish of this eyeshadow reminds me of the texture butterfly wings have.
For the lower lashine and my waterline I used an Essence eye kohl (D/C) and set it with the color from Sleek Monaco palette.
Too bad the liner went all weird on me, I miss it :(

Do you have any recommendation for a glitter liner with blue glitter? Please, let me know

in the comments 


Oct 6, 2013


Hello everybody  =)

I can't believe it's been months since my last post, it o nly feels like a few week.  Well, since I was last here I switched jobs and I'm back to school so lots of eventful things keeping me busy. 

Let me first tell you I absolutely LOVED my stay in Graz. I also treated myself to a few cosmetics bits (Kyrolan among some of the exciting stuff). I had full intention of posting pictures on the blog, but I got fired three days after my return back home. So fining a new job took my rest of the summer vacation before returning to school.

And as I was cleaning folders on my laptop, I found 3 looks I'd done before i went to Graz. Here is one of them.
I mixed the purple shadow from the Sleek Acid palette with an Essence LE Crazy About Color eyeshadow. 
On the lids I'm wearing Lily Lolo eyeshadow in Angelic. 

I made sure to darken the inner corners and the outer corners of my eyes using this purple, only connecting them in the crease ever so slightly.
You might be able to tell I didn't curl the lashes. I opted for that so that the liner shows up better .
To line the upper lid, I used a navy blue shimmery eyeshadow. I dipped my brush into cammomile hydrosol, swept it in the eyeshadow and hen used the back of my hand to create a fluid paste before lining my eyes with it. 

Sorry for being away for so long and not keeping in touch. I intend to put my shit together shorty.


Aug 4, 2013

EOTD Orangy lilac

Hey guys =) 

Just wanted to say hello before I wander off to Graz, Austria for a 3-week unwinding  getaway. I wish I had time to do What's in my travel make-up bag, but maybe I'll have some free time when I'm there to show you the bits I'm taking with me. 

I have also been wanting a few drugstore items, manly checking out the P2 stand. :)  If you have any recommendations on what to get, let me know. 

Untill then, this is a simple day look. 
Lilac lower lashes, gold and orange brown on the lid.
Uncurled lashes

The liquid liner I used is Sleek Dip-it Liner.
It's very opaque and very matte. However, it does not resist watery eye from smudging the make-up.
It melts completely, so this product is a complete anti-repurchase worthy thing in my book. And the handle is too short for my liking, I really strugle with lining.

Lashes curled

Jul 30, 2013

Green Slime

Hello, everybody

One can never post too many toxic green look, right? :) 
 I used corner lashes to help with my eye shape lifting. And because I had enough definition on the upper lid, I could get away with a heavier mascara application on the lower lashes.

On the lid I'm wearing Lily Lolo Pixie Sparkle eyeshadow - my favorite teal color!
I used Sleek Acid palette to get the neon matte haze around my crease going, pictures tame down this color, however, it was very blended.

In the inner corner I used lime green Barry M Dazzle Dust, the number is 79.
A bit of black on the waterline, which, of course, gets disolved away by my eyes tearing up.

The look was very striking with my fair complexion, and all the yellow in greens make my eyes appear blue. Can't complain there.

So how is summer treating you?


Jul 19, 2013

Peek-a-blue, I choose you

Hey, everyone

As much as I always whine how unispired I am ... well, I got inspired this time. 
I was looking at Sleek Pout Paints I won in last year's Sleek Summer Competition. I had not even torn the seal on them, so I gave them a quick play. I decided they were the perfect media for me to have a bit of fun.  

On top of them, I still love my rainbow earings and wanted to do an eye look with coordinating colors. 
This is what my face turned out to be.

I was imformed such results are known as ''Crayola crayons gang raping your face'' make-up. Phahaha, I'll  take that.

I altered the brightness for this picture because It is so awesome I *need* to have it as my fb profile picture. 

Sleek Pout Paint in Peek-a-boo and Sleek Chaos palette in the crease and temples.
Sorry,  sharpness imparied pictures for this one. 


Jul 14, 2013

A bit of MU hurts no one

Hey guys, long time, no see.

I've been only vaguely interested in make-up so I haven't really worn or created anything fun to share with you all. Apart from my bright red lips, which are getting repetative :D 

When I was going through my sample baggies to find new toys to play with I got lucky and found a lovely shadow. 

Innocent +Twisted Alchemy, shade called Spinal Affliction is paired with a lilac lower lashline and emerald green cream liner is the look for today.


=) V.

Jun 20, 2013

glitter and smokey eyes

Hello =) 

I think I havn't done a smokey eye with loads of black in a long time. This doesn't look much to me, but I am currently not feel the deep smokes look on me.

I used

Coming soon: Spark Jewelry

Hey guys =)
There is a new Spakler in town! Le derpy moi :)

Check out my new dandelion flowerette ring. Rather unsual, I thought. The desgin immediately got my attention and I got increasingly enamoured with it when I was told other see it as a representation of a firework. I love fireworks!

By the way it is made, it catches the light to the center of the little blubly thing, which makes it more intriguing to wear.

It's standard bijoux material that I am unable to identify, but  the construction of the ring it is very sturdy. 

Unfortunately, the size of the ring is not adjustable.

The sparkly little fellow is courtesy of a newly opened company, Spark, the stockist who label their accessories as "stylish and accessories. The site is still in "Coming soon mode" as the grand opening is due in June. I'm curious to see how they expand their collection in the future.
They desribe styles  offered as:
"glittery, shimmering, hard-metal, dark punkish, ethnical or tribal, or just simply cute & sexy".
How can I say no to shimmering and cute&sexy?
You can still browse through product albums on Spark-jewelry Official FACEBOOK PAGE

To those who subscribe to their newsletter, Spark is offering 20 % off the first purchase. You need to go to their site, submitt your email - and that is it, that's how is they will notify you the store is opened.

They are a Slovene company, but they shop worldwide. Which is not something Slovene stockist do very often. 

Should be fun having more dazzle on our market. 


Jun 10, 2013

Double wing liner

Hey guys =) 

I am rather bored of applying any sort of make-up at the moment, which partially explains irreugular posting. It appears I am more likey to try something new if it seems easy and it doesn't require torturing my lashes. =)

I don't recall who I had seen doing this type of double wing but I went crazy for it and tried the stuff out.


The orange and gold eyeshadows are from the Sleek

May 26, 2013

Ich bin ein Berliner

Oh, hi =)

One of the plattes I've been loving in April was Catrice Big City LE, the Berlin palette. It's been a while since my last brown smokey eye so here we go
For this look I did extend my liner toward the brows. however, I wanted my liner to be a base but i use a longlasting pencil in place of a soft kajal. Much to my own fault, I could not blend the line before the product set .

I placed the deep brown all over the lid and then I took the gold shadow to blend out all the edges. 

To hide my ridiculous liner wing, I put on a pair of trimmed lashes, I think they did the trick ;)
I also been playing with my brow shape as of recent. This is my big brow face =)

Shall I address the lack of posts or do yous find personal shizz to be excessive? I'm just in a pinch for time and have develop a greater need for rest.
Also, there are exams and a few life changes that have less favorable consequence to my existance but for once, I'm trying to recruit my thoughts into more positive mode to replace my everlasting whinning tirades.

So positive vibes, it is!


May 12, 2013

Sleek I-divine Primer

Lep pozdrav :)

Skupaj s paletko Acid je iz Za piko na i k meni prišla še tale zbrika 12 kremnih senčil, da povem svoje mnenje o njej.

Cena paletke v spletni trgovini Za piko na i je 10,75 €, dobite pa 12 majhnih kremnih senčk, ki

May 10, 2013

Leaves in May with Sleek Make-up

Hey guys =) 

Frogs, leaves and kryptonite; if that is the green you are after, try out Sleek Acid palette. It's, overall, loads of fun to any color lover. 

To recreate this, you'll need three things: Sleek

Apr 30, 2013

Mineralissima e/s swatches

Apr 28, 2013

DAZZLE DUST berry pink

I feel like my entire blog is an ode to Barry M Dazzle Dusts. 
I simply adore them and today I'm showing you swatches of two of my favorites I own.
Coral and Berry Pink.

Apr 27, 2013

Acid Splatter

Hey guys =)

I have a bit of an unsual look for you, inspired by Blisfully Deranged. My look is mising a bright red eyeshadow so it isn't too true to hers, but the majority of colors I used were very compliant to what I was trying to achieve with them.

What I used:

Apr 24, 2013

Fyrinnae Giltterboi swacthes

Hey guys =) 

What I love about Fyrinnae's Arcan Magic line is that each pot you open makes you go all like OMFWTH-IS-THIS-SORCERY.
Let's face it, they are, as a brand, unbeatably awesome. 

I have Fyrinnae Glitter Boi swatched for you and I am quite proud of the captured shift so please keep reading after the jump, that's where the true Arcan Magic begins :)  

Apr 21, 2013

Sleek ACID I-Divine

Pozdravljene =)

Tale paletka je pot do mene našla preko spletne strani zapikonai, za kar se jim lepo zahvaljujem.

Pri njih sem sicer redna stranka, ker imajo sistem ''kapljic'', določen procent nakupa se ti nalaga na kup zvestobe v obliki dobroimetja. Ponavadi ga uporabim, da si pokrijem poštnino.

Paletka spada v družino linije stalnega sortimenta I-divine

Apr 18, 2013

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Silver Brown 52

Hey guys =)

Today I have a Barry M Dazzle Dust 52 Sliver Brown to talk about. 
So lets take a look at the pot:

Apr 14, 2013

Chilli con Chocolate EOTD

Hey guys =)

This look is majorly inspired by my backlogged posts. I was going through them, editing and scheduling  some when I came across pictures of swatches over a year old. How can I write color description without
knowing exactly how the colors come out on my lids after more than a year :D?

So here is me doing research:
 Products used are Fyrinnae

Apr 10, 2013

Soft spring make-up

Hey guys =) 

This is my easter look. I wanted something with coral and green. just so I wouldn't be too obviously cliche-y with pastels, I used a very shimmer Dazzle Dust.
List of prodcuts:

Apr 7, 2013

FdS Creamy Lip Gloss

Pozdravljene =) 

Danes po dolgem času spet objava v materinščini. Nisem še gotova z ocenjevanjem izdelkov za ustnice znamke Fleur de Sante. Od stvari, ki sem jih preizkusila, so mi najbolj prirasla k srcu še ocenjene šminke in glosi za ustnice, zato se ne ustrašite navdušenega tona pri vzdihovanju nad tudi nad to linijo glosov.

Govorim o Fleur de Sante Creamy Lipgloss kremni glos za ustnice iz njihove linije FdS Expertise. 

Cena 9,99 € za 6 ml. In tokrat prvič ne bom jamrala o ceni, ker kvaliteta glosa po mojem menenju vpije po dosti višjem cenovnem razredu.
V tej podkategoriji sta  na žalost samo dva odtenka, Silky Rose in Silky Mauve.
Embalaža je (kot pri ostalih FdS izdelkih, ki so v rangu okoli 10 evrov) prečudovita.

Apr 5, 2013

The Cruelty Free Tag

I guess this is a long overdue post for someone who's only intention is to spread the word about cruelty free make up. So here it is; I'm answering the 8 questions of The Cruelty Free  Tag. 

Before I do that, let me just go into detail what I believe is a cruelty free company and which online resource I use to look for them.

Since March 8, the EU no longer allows for products tested on animals to be sold within the EU. How this is put in practice I have no idea and I am very sceptical, to be honest. 

Firstly, I ignore Peta altogether. As far as I'm concerned they are liars.
I want my product to be cruelty free through all stages of it's manufacture. None of the individual ingredient should be tested nor should be the final product. I feel companies should not comission third party to conduct animal testing. 
A lot of the companies make misleading claims to make it sounds like they do not test, when in fact they do. How to spot a lying company is explained in this guide at 

The best list of cruelt-free make-up for central Europeans can be found at the Croatian site Prijatelji životinja. But do not worry, they have translated their WHITE LIST into English.
That is what I use when I go shopping. I also go by uncaged's guildeline that say that Hofer's own brand of cleaning products and cosmetics are cruelty-free.

I do not buy anything from the list of companies that still test on animals

The best way to ensure you are getting an ethical product is to look for natural cosmetics certificates. I find that the Vegan Society Certificate is the only one that meets my cruelty-free standards. 
However, please be careful - while a range may pride itself in being certified that does NOT necessarily mean that eve ry single product within the range is certified. If they bottle you are trying to buy has the certificate's logo on it, it's fine. If it doesn't have it, it means you have no guarantee you are buying a cruelty-free product even if the rest of the range might be.

I only fully trust three certificates; Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny and One Voice certificate. I also use BDIH and Natrue certified cosmetics.  You can learn more about natural cosmetic certificates and what their logos look like here.  

So what the heck do you even buy, you might ask. I'm including a list of some of the things I use here: 
1. Mineral and indie make-up companies
e.g Lily Lolo, Mineralissima, Bella Pierre,Alima Pure
American online minerals companies such as Fyrinnae, Darling Girl Cosmetics, Meow, Sugarpill

2. Slovene companies
Kimi d.o.o does stuff for Mercator's own cleaning products and Intespar too (but not the new ''Despar'' line!)
Ilirija (particulary Green Line)

3. Natural Certified products
Alverde (Natrue certificate)
Terra Naturi (Vegan Society certificate, BDIH)
100 % Pure
home cleaning line Sonett (Vegan Society)

4. Drugstore 
The only drugstore company I know of is that is cruelty free is Cosnova (Essence and Catrice), dm's own certified Alverde and Mueller's own brand Terra Naturi. And make-up from Hofer made by Perfumes And More.
 Within the price range there is also Barry M and Sleek.

(I do not buy the following drugstore brands because they test: Avon, S-he, Deborah, Bourjois, Revlon, Manhattan, Loreal, Maybelline, Misslyn, Miss Sporty, ArtDeco, BeYu:, Makeup Factory)

5. Department store
Isadora, Inglot, Nvey Eco, Illamasqua
Kryolan (more of a pro line not so much a department store)

1.What is your favorite cruelty free brand?
My favorite cruelty free brand of all times is Fyrinnae. It's a well established independant company now ( such companies are affectionatley known as "indie"). They offer a wide array of eyeshadow with out of this world complexity, as well as blush, face powders, primers ... Not to mention they were the pioneers of the foiling medium that now everybody and their momma are copying, but Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy remains the cult product till this day.
On top of that, they NEVER conducted animal testing and all of their products are completely vegan.

2.What brand did you love until you found out it wasn't cruelty free?
Nyx Cosmetics - they do thrid party animal testing I didn't not know about and I sincerly believed they were cruelty free.
MAC - i'm sure you all got sucked into thinking they were an ethical company
BeYu  is a sister company of Art Deco who test on animals.
Balea, Drogerie Markt's (dm drugstore's) own skincare line is manufactured by Nivea. Nivea tests on animals.

3.What is a cruelty free drugstore brand you like?
Alverde is pretty awesome with it's price point and natural ingredient. 

4.Have you found a nail polish that is cruelty free?
To my knowledge as of present (March 2013) I consider Essence, Catrice and Zoya nail polishes cruelty free. I don't like using nail poilsh so this isn't something I buy or use more than a few times per year.

5.Have you found a perfume that is cruelty free?
I have no sense of smell so I never buy perfumes.

6.Why did you want to become a user of cruelty free products and how did you find out about cruelty free options?
 I will never understand why people do not care about animals being hurt. I think it's because they do not realize a vast amount of product is tested on cats, dogs and not necessarily just lab animals. It's not just rodents, guys, IT IS NOT JUST RODENTS. This article from explains animal testing better than I ever could.
I was always against animal cruelty, very strongly so. I was only misinformed about the regulation. I thought that the European Union implemented a ban on all animal testing, therefore it was safe to buy anything sold in Europe. That was completely false.  I also followed PETA's guide, which is full of bullshit. I bought so many products tested on animals, because Peta's listed them as cruetly free when they absolutely weren't.

I was also unaware of how this China business works and I do now.

7. Do you eat meat?
After seeing Earthlings I have reduced my meat intake.
 I am not a vegan, however; I am trying to be more animal friendly with my eating choices. It's rarely easy when the budget is tight like mine and don't assume that I could be investing in vegan grocery if I didn't spend so much money on make-up. Its a false assumption I go out spending all my money on cosmetics. I don't.

At the momement I have successfully eliminated eggs out of my diet, I am not buying sea food as a regular thing, even though it's my favorite, and I have my animal protein source intake down to one serving of cca 100 g per week.

Unfortunately, I am unable to cut down on cottage cheese and low-carb plain probiotic yogurt. These two are a staple to my diet and no amount of soy milk has thus far converted me to completely vegan alternatives.

8.What is your favorite fruit and/or veggie?
Any berry and broccoli.
I love practically all fruit and veggie avaible in supermarkets in Slovenia.

Apr 2, 2013

My 2012 NYEve MU

A bit overdue, but maybe I will be inspired to recreate this.

I used the Naked palette, Fyrinnae and  Barry M glitter.

Mar 31, 2013

Angelic Orange MU Look

Hey guys

For today, I decided to show you a modification of a look I've done before HERE
The only thing  changed was the crease color. And I completely alters the overall effect. Neat, huh?

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