Jul 30, 2013

Green Slime

Hello, everybody

One can never post too many toxic green look, right? :) 
 I used corner lashes to help with my eye shape lifting. And because I had enough definition on the upper lid, I could get away with a heavier mascara application on the lower lashes.

On the lid I'm wearing Lily Lolo Pixie Sparkle eyeshadow - my favorite teal color!
I used Sleek Acid palette to get the neon matte haze around my crease going, pictures tame down this color, however, it was very blended.

In the inner corner I used lime green Barry M Dazzle Dust, the number is 79.
A bit of black on the waterline, which, of course, gets disolved away by my eyes tearing up.

The look was very striking with my fair complexion, and all the yellow in greens make my eyes appear blue. Can't complain there.

So how is summer treating you?



Maja said...

Hudo! :)

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

This is stunning! Have you tried the Avon supershock liners? Only liners that last longer than ten minutes on my eyes - might be worth a shot?

olgiepolgie said...

Wow, what a beautiful, bright look! I can't wait for the weather to warm up here. Damn winter.

Lojs said...

Aaah love it! So pretty!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Maja: =) Hvala.

@Beauty's Bad Habit: Supershock is pretty much the best thing in pencil form I've ever used but I refuse to use it now that I know Avon tests on animals.

@olgiepolgie: we are in the middle of the worst heat wave of the year so I graciously agree to send you over some of this insane heat, you can haz :P

@Lojs: Thank you, ma'am.

Deja said...

Čist hudo :)

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