Nov 15, 2011

Icy eyes warm up to you

Hi =)

Here's a soft look using all mineral eyeshadows. Two of them being Fyrinnae. Can you guess which or will you have to keep reading after the jump to find out?

Excuse the full face picture, it was very cold so that's why I'm zipped up to my nose, lol =)

Mkay, product break down time. Here we go:
  • EDM Bubble Tea (inner corner)
  • Fyrinnae Meerkat (other half of the lid) -  did you guess correctly ? :P
  • Fyrinnae Pyromantic Eroica (the crease)
  • Sweetscents Midnight Burgundy used as liner

I don't know about you, but heck, I really DIG orange crease with blue lid. Adds warmth, me thinketh.
Granted, I did use the orange spearingly and I blended it out loads so it doesn't become the focal point of the look. It just makes the blue look more blue.  
As with most of my looks, I brought the crease color up higher so it contours my eye and makes them look bigger when I'm looking down. Same way goes for the liner, it gives my small small small eyes a bit of a lift.

I hate to include this beacuse my lashes look uber extra fugly, but this is lit with my phones in-built light.
It shows the color of the crease most true to what it was in real life, but it emphasiszes the texture of my lashes and it makes them look battered. What is up with that?!

 I have a hard time putting blue on my eyes, as a general rule. But this worked out for me.

Is there anything else you guys know, like a trick, color application or convo, to make blue eyeshadow work on yellow toned skin? Help much appreciated. <3


Danielle said...

I also have warmer yellow-ish skin, and I find that any type of warm crease (orange, brown, bronze) helps make blue more wearable. Other things that work are doing a blue lid with a soft neutral crease and warm lower lashline, wearing blue only on the outer half and using a softer champagne/peach or gold on the inner lid,or thick smudged blue liner as part of a mostly neutral look.

SilhouetteScreams said...

I LOVE the contrast between the warm crease and the cool-toned on the lid. The liner is gorgeous too :3

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