Jun 17, 2012

Dazzle Dust #39 Tan swatches

Hey darlings :) 

Here is another good one form my Barry M Dazzle Dust collection, number 39 Tan. 
If you are like me and you find Beige and Fawn pretty to look at but too borning and sheer when applied then Tan is a much better version for you. I'm not going to repurchase neither Beige or Fawn, I'm completely converted to Tan.

Direct sunlight
Tan is a
champagne beige with pink depth. The best part is that it has warmth to it. Luckily it's light enough for it not to lean too orange on me despite being warmish eyeshadow. I find it hard to describe this color because it definately reminds me of something  yet my memory fails me at pin-pointing what that is. Pinky bronze in a beige format is my best guess.

Texture is a bit dry but  I always prefer wet application with most of my loose shadows. This isn't hydrophobic so it foils like melted butter. It's the satuarted type of eyeshadow with great pigmentation. I'm fair so there is a great chance that deeper skintones would make this look more of a highlight lid color. For me it's dark enough to put in the crease.

I haven't worn it with all bases or primers yet, just wet or over DG Cosmetics Giltter Glue and over a layer of loose mineral foundation. 
Barry M Dazzle Dust #39 Tan over DGC Glitter Glue

Barry M Dazzle Dust #39 applied sheerly over a layer of powder

I felt it gave a lot of interest to my eyes and it was still neutral but not boring. This may differ, I can see this could be a very universal color for everybody, it just may not be a very universal finish. It's very shimmery and metalic, like your average mineral eyeshadow. But unlike Fawn and Beige, this doesn't have prominent white frost, it's warm like I already mentioned.

Wet swatch of Barry M Dazzle Dust in #39 Tan, a dry swatch on the right.

It's a great color for summer, thinketh I.


Liza said...

I really like Tan, it's so pretty yet easy to wear :)

EyeGraffiti said...

I love the dazzle dust! This one looks like you're going to have a lot of fun with!

olgiepolgie said...

Such a pretty colour! It's funny that the name of it is so boring.

Anonymous said...

such a pretty shade! x

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Thinketh I tis a very pretty color indeed! I can picture it on you and it looks lovely ;D

Nicoleta_B said...

Such a great post!!!

I'd like to keep in touch with you.
What do you say about following each others blog via gfc and bloglovin?

Let me know! Kisses,


Gone2RehabBRB said...

It really is nice. I love wearing it!

Dear Nicoleta_B, if you appreciate the content I put up, you are more than welcomed to follow my blog.

But since you clearly have not done so and you are indirectly saying you won't follow unless I follow in return, I have to kindly inform you such behaviour is seen as rude in the world of blogging.

Please reconsider your networking strategies because you have upset me to the point where I won't even look at your blog.


Miasara said...

I have a doubt... Is the Tan similar to the Lily Lolo eyeshadow Vanilla Shimmer? I already have the Vanilla Shimmer so I don't want to buy the same thing...

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Miasara: I do not own Vanilla Shimmer so it hard to tell, but looking at online swatches VS seems to be more of a highlight color.

Tan is definately too packed with color to be used as a highlight.

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