Feb 29, 2012

Barry M Dazzle Dust in 87 CORAL swatches

This is one color I was aching to get and I ended up buying it for my birthday. I can believe it's my birthday again in a few months and I'm only just swatching these. :) 
Barry M Dazzle Dusts are something I honestly enjoy collecting.

 The reason I wanted it was it's named coral and pictures online looked really lovely. I got in, yet in person I am not to thrilled about this one. Color is gorgeous but it is very very frosty, although the frost is finely milled and has no glitter which is a massive plus in my book. It's just that ... I would love to find a satin finish of this type of coral.

it's one of those shades that look phenomenal in the pot, look lovely swatched on a firm skin of the back of my hand, but when applied on eyes with crease-y lids like mine, the shimmer tends not to look to flattering.  It has what I call "fully, airy texture"; the type of product that just floats around in a  cloudy haze when you tap it off your brush. A lot of the times its means poor pigmentation. #87 Coral is not exactly sheer, on the sheerer side rather.

So here are the swatches I look if you want to have a closer looksy: 

I thought I'd try to use it as a shimmery blusher ceause it is literally the perfect color and shade for a pale Ol Yellow, like me. I tried on and it blended nicely, it took away loads of the shine. I felt the pigmented actually adhered to the skin and you can see the end result was shiney and glowy enough on its own. No need for a seperate highlighter here.
I am
on the fence about this shade, I love it yet I don't think it's a nice finish on my eyes.


Victoria said...

shame its not the same colour when swatched, but it does look lovely as a blusher!

Mateja Mateja said...

Moj prvi Dazzle Dust! :D Ravno zdaj se pa odločam med Hot Spice in Fig ... :D

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Victoria; It's mainly because of how my skin on the lids is textured, anything shimmery is a hazard.

@Mateja Mateja
Prvič slišim za Hot Spice, ampak Fig je fantastična.

Mateja Mateja said...

Mah, odločitve so težke, pa sem vzela kar oba. XD Pa je šla ena šminka iz košarice :D V Fig sem se na tvojem blogu zaljubila, hvala :P Hot Spice je pa baje limited, upam, da je lep :D

QueenxPeaches said...

I like it as a blush, with the shine it can almost be a nice highlight, thanks =)

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