Oct 14, 2011


Slovene lily lolo store www.lilylolo.si had a 15 % off on eyeshadow a few weeks back and they constantly do these,which made me happy. I bought Golden Lilac, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Pixie Sparkle, Deep Purple.

I love them all, apart from Deep Purple - it's too cool for my skintone so I know I won't wear it.

All of them have a wonderful, easy to work with formula and are somewhat shimmery, only Chocolate Fudge Cake has small blue glitter particles. Nothing chunky. 

They all foil PHENOMENALLY.


I was a bit foolish with swatching, I only finger swatched Chocolate FC, the rest are foiled.
So if you want your Choco Fudge cake to be more blue and sparkly foil it, but applied dry you get a lovely brick brown with sparkles.

First three are absolutely amazing colors, very very complex. I'll do individual reviews with swatches for all colors. Deep Purple is the only average one.

To view more about Golden Lilac, click here.
To view more about Chocolate Fudge Cake, click here
To view more about Pixie Spakle, click here.
To view more about Deep Purple, click here.


socialitedreams said...

golden lilac is INCREDIBLE

SilhouetteScreams said...

Pixie Sparkle is beauuuuuuutiful *___*

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