Sep 11, 2011

Lily Lolo Hush

I bought this beautiful jar of a matte Lily Lolo eyeshadow in the shade Hush.

It's sort of a dusty pink, a pale heather color.

For some reason it looks amazing on me as a blush. Cool pinks don't do that, as general rule. But since I can work it on my cheeks, I knew the full-size product is a right choice if I want to use it up before it's shelf life comes to an end.
I don't know what did to for me, it must be that it is light enough for my pale skin and that is dusty enough not too look obnoxious Barbie pink that I dislike so much.

Here is a swatch. Seriously, how cute is this for a pale pink?
Left - heavy swatch over primer using a brush
Right - finger swatch (no base)
As far as using it as an eyeshadow I'd say it's not the most amazing matte, although it is velvety and smooth and it does not go on blochty at all. However, I need to build it up to a color or my linking.
Other than that if works AMAZING as a crease color or a transitonal color. 
It was also comfotable to wear. With my sensitive eyes, I get irritaed with chalky dust of conventional talc-happy mattes. Which was a lovely surprise. 

I think this is going to be a very long love affair. 
Don't you think it's funny how certain products you just look in the jar and be ''meh, go away''  and when you try them, you're sold? 


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