Aug 5, 2011

Essence's 50's Girl Reloaded LIPSTICK SWATCHES

Watch out, new Essence awesomness on the block. This time they launched their 50's Girl Reloded Limited edition collection (or is it Trend Edition? Idk). I only got excited over the lipsticks so that is what I picked up and I'm kinda swatching it below for you. Skin pictures didn't turn out sharp, but on the lips they look pretty much true to their color and texture.

My opinion? Skip the red beacause it is not unique in any way; Essence has similar colors in their range. It applies streaky. Sheer application is fine, though.
But the peach is BEAUTIFUL. I've been looking for a color like this since I was in highschool which is about 6 years now.
In texture, they are the same as Nyx Round Lipsticks.

Look how cute

                          Essence 50's Girl Reloaded LIPSTICK in I'm sailing (the peach)

Ah, the peach. Snatch it while you can *exclamation marks to infinity* And if can't get it, I'm holding a giveaway with these two tomorrow, so make sure not to miss
on that ;)


Ana Maria P. said...

That peach is GORGEOUS!
The red isn't that i wish Essence were here :-<

Corina Muru said...

Hmm... How sheer are the colors? Because that peach really looks great, but I'm wondering how much of that is your natural lip color and how much is lipstick. Anyway, I should visit drugstores more often, it seems that I'm missing some realy nice things. :)

Anonymous said...

The peach really is gorgeous!

G A B Y said...

Oh wow, I'm Sailing looks gorgeous! Great swatches!

MsRinz said...

I Love the red color!!!!! It's so pretty!!!!!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Corina Muru
That is a very good issue you brought up.
My lips are pale pink and the peach is medium opacity but well pigmented.

Thank you for pointing this out, from now on I'll include pictures of my ''naked'' lips.

The Peach said...

Great colors! They both look awesome! But you are right, that peach is amazing!

bhumika said...

I am sailing is gorgeous !! I want itt..

saracr said...

uau, very pretty..i love it

SilhouetteScreams said...

I'm Sailing is *exactly* my kind of colour! *drools*

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