Jul 14, 2012

Melt at 200 degrees

Hello, everyone.  

It is summer time, it's writing my thesis time, it's fun times so there hasn't been much Gone2RehaBRB blog time.  I'm sure you're cool with that and I want to thank you for sticking with me.

I managed to get a lot of pan hits which then lead to eyeshadows empties.I feel now I've earned my new stuff that I had banned myself from using.
To make life fun for me, I tried out Fyrinnae's
Lucky Charmed eyeshadow. 
This eyeshadow is everything I imagined Aztec Gold would be, because I found the green base in Aztec Gold disappointingly overwhelming

 I can't imagine how a gold could be a more true gold than this!

Don't get worried about the lashes, I just didn't curl them so they are doing their own fail-y fail thing.
I decided not to curl my lashes on a regular basis anymore. I'd only curl if  I have somewhere important to go. I had way too much damage and lash loss not to do something about it. I've been using castor oil based lash serum mascara by Alverde to counteract all the stress and trauma I put my poor lash hair through. About it helping to grow it to a better lenght I cannot vouch for yet but It's not so scruffy anymore so yay.

I'm curious to know if Lucky Charmed can be duped by Glamour Doll Eyes and their Trophey Wife eyeshadow. I've always wanted it.

Also, any lash recovery tricks and remedies would also be of major use to me, I'd be more than happy if you took the time to drop me a comment.



Lojs said...

Woha, that colour is so cool!
And yeah, them accent-lashes are awesome. Easy to wear, nice effect without being too visible :D

olgiepolgie said...

I love this colour on you. It's the goldest gold ever!

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