Jul 16, 2012

Hauling etsy Earings

These are my precious little finds from ManuelaS on etsy. I had bought 4 items from her long time ago and I love them to pieces. Her design style is very me and she hand-makes her line with so much love and passion.
Manuela is also a pug owner! I thought I'd throw in that little fun fact :D

These earring I bought as a birthday present for myself with no regrets, I and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

I am horrified at how these pictures turned out but her stock images are awesome.
So if you like the look of these, check out 

They are both so stunning. The dragonflies are incredibly pretty in person, not even her own pictures capture all the little lines and vintage feel of the background. Another thing is they are ALWAYS a conversation starter. I have not worn these and not have someone telling me Oh, those are really gorgeous earings.

On my wishlist I currently have this ring, necklace, and earrings.

I'm in love.


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