May 16, 2011

Tiny giveaway (EDIT: closed)

Hello, dear readers

As I promised on my facebook page, this is another giveaway.
It's nothing much, so all you have to do is to leave your contact info in the comments.
HOWEVER, you need to be a visible FOLLOWER.
If you want, you can tell your followers/social network ppl about it, but it doesn't count as an extra entry because there is no extra entries.  But if you want to spread the love, go ahead. =) I'll wuv ya for it.

I'm giving away samples of Nyx Pearl Mania loose eyeshadow, featured on the picture below.
The drawings will be probably weekly, and there will be as many sample packs as the original package
will let me. I'm quite certain I'll be able to have over 15 sample packs

Please note that as soon as I recieve my order of new Dazzle Dusts, I'm making a new seperate giveaway with those samples as well. ;)

The original packaging of the eyeshadow samples I am giving away are opened but were never used out of the actual contanier. I had depotted it upon receiving and since my personal stock is still
going strong I can tell i'm never use the remaining product up so I'm giving it away in form of samples just so there can be more winners.

For start, I have picked up a first winner out of all of those who entered my essence giveaway.
And it's kempek from Congrats, dear!
I will email you so please respond ASAP.

Should kempek not want her samples, i'm picking another girl from the last giveaway list.

Alright, that is.
 If you like and want  these goodies,  leave me a comment below!

Please, follow this blog via  Google friend connect 
 For more fun, go to Gone2RehabBRB on facebook
or to just talk a wee bit there's my Twitter


LAURA said...

Hy!I would love to receive some samples , they look great.I follow you by GFC with the name LAURA
My mail adress is

Divina said...

HOw nice of you! I`d love to get some samples. I follow you via google friends connect and I love your blog. Here`s my email adress:
and as well I shared the love:
Have a nice day!

Passing fancy said...

Hi :)
Ful fajn si se spomnila tale giveaway (verjetno je pigmente ful težko porabit,sploh če jih je veliko):)
Tud jaz bi se pridružla.

Lily said...

Hi there :)!
I would really love to get a sample-set because i absolutely adore pigments and i'm yet to try the ones made by NYX since it is pretty hard to get them here in germany D: ...
Thanks a bunch for considering me,

Tânia said...

Hey, I'd love to get some samples :)
GFC: Tânia

Illeryana said...

I'd love to win some samples!


Ina said...

Zelena in modri zgledata super <3
Sledim ti kot INA, moj email je

Elena said...

I am your follower via GFC /Elena/

queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

ps Thanks for the giveaway! I have a giveaway on my blog as well! Check it out here

HuHaHa said...

waaaoooo!love you!
give me a try...
shadab_muslim at yahoo dot co dot in

Mademoiselle said...


Nikoli ni dovolj make up-a za odvisnike, zatorej se tudi jaz pridružujem temu izboru :)


Sasa said...

Hi, nekaj tehle NYX-ovih že imam, pa bi rada probala še kakšnega :) !

Jacky said...

I would love to win some samples! I have never worked with loose eye shadow before, hope I win!:-)

Here's my email: jackybjacky(at)googlemail(dot)com

PS: I follow you via GFC.

bhumika said...

hey would love to win..

Divina said...

My pleasure, dear. <3

tattoos ♥ lipgloss said...

Your eye looks are gorgeous!! Following under Amy Hoover or Thank you for the opportunity to try out NYX & good luck to everyone!

Howmanygoats said...

I would love those! They are so pretty!
Shelby Russell

BebeRoz said...

Such pretty colours!
GFC: Anca
mail: ancabordeanu(at)yahoo(dot)com

Tina:) said...

hey my gfc name is tina:) or tina vincent
and my email is

miha.ela said...

I'd love to receive some samples, they look great.
I follow you by GFC
GFC: miha.ela
mihaela.mihordea(@) gmail(.) com

Dreamer... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dreamer... said...

o super giveaway <3
se pridružujem :)

elchy said...

Zelo mikavni zgledajo tile vzorčki, bi jih z veseljem imela. :)


Ines Kacijan said...

Prvo kot prvo vse pohvale na tvoj "kotiček" ;))
Zeloo všečno,.. vse pohvale za tvoj trud, da nam uporabnikom makeupa ni potrebno stran metat denarja za precenjene izdelke ;)
Imaš pa dober nos, da zavohaš najboljše stvari ;)
Zato se tud oglasim "pri tebi" preden stopim v kak hud nakup :)
Nyx pa ima res čudovite stvari,..
sam jih je težko dobit pri nas,..
obožujem nyx izdelke,.. od šmink do jumbov, bronzerjev,..
Imam samo 1 pigment od nyx in je sveeeetoven,.
besede ga ne opišejo ,..
zato bi bila samplčkov zeeeeelo vesela,..
da bi se lahko malo poigrala z senčkami ;)
Imam tud facebok stran: Gina the makeup artist,
da vidiš malo moje igre z makeupi ;))
v glavnem dost čveka,..
se zeeelo priporočam ;))
hvala,čaw baw ;)

femputer said...

I'd love to enter!

darceyparrott at gmail dot com.

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Ohhh count me in!

You can reach me through my blog, or FB, or email: egpenn(at)gmail(dot)com

Yay! :D

Ana M. said...

Great! I would love those samples!

I'm a GFC follower (spider girl)
I'm a FB fan (Ana Sarah)
And also a Twitter follower :) (@techspidergirl)


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