Jul 20, 2012

Geek Chic: Meet my Batman 1960's Secretary Glasses

Hey guys =) 

Been wanting to feature my new specks for quite a few months but since this is a make-up blog I never got around to it.    
They were an indulgant treat to myself and the purchase was more of sponaneous nature.

 My friend got new glasses and told me an optician next to where she worked had a sale of last season's frames at ridiculous prices, round €50 or so. Yes, absolutely ridiculous cheap for the standards here. I went in there and saw these at the (unfortunately) regular collection rack. After having tried both black and purple model on, nothing else offered compared to how funky these were. Even the color is just so unique.

 The design

They are not shaped as every average so-in-right-now geek specks; the upper corner flicks up, forming a slight cat-eye shape. I would say they are a fusion of a sterotypical 1960's office secretary glasses (google it, it's a fun search! :)) and the trending geek chic glasess that are  getting increasingly popular around the globe.  

Tons of picture of me is after the jump.

If you need glasess to completely alter your apperance, you might like these. They make you look very corporal and as if you are an intelligent professional at the top of your game. 

Also, they look much more striking if you wear your hair up because up-dos bring all the attention to your bespectacled peepers thus forcing your viewer to establish eye contact ;). 
I strongly believe this little purple piece of plastic, on top of that, has such a bohemian feel to it. I can just put them on and wear what ever I have lying around, I don't need eye make-up all that much. It's kind of personality transforming, even moreso than  make-up, for sure. People get the she-doesn't-give-a-damn vibe from me apparently. Which is sooo not the true attitude I'd have in life, lol.

The brand 

My friend was looking at logo and asked for the brand named because she said it looked like Batman :) So that is
how I now affectionately refer to them; my Batman pair.  
I can't find the exact model but these might be it, or at least close.

                   Crazy glasses and making-up your face

I will say I have to be careful with make-up. They are huge!
Which inevitably means the will cast a shadow around the eyes, specifically under eye area. I mix a bit of white mousse eyeshdow to my concealer to counteract that. Sounds extreme and I like a wacko untill I put the glasess on and have the entire area immediately dark beyond recognition.

They don't cover brows, so I don't have to worry about that.
But they cover my upper lashline so blown-up smokey looks with defined waterline look the best. Or no eye make-up at all, like I said.

My lips are left very exposed so I can wear loads of dark lipsticks without looking overdone now. Which is great! I love looking for a lipstick that would color match the color of the frames. It's kinda my newest obsession so if you have any recommedations, leave them below.

Now that you've all been offically introduced, I'm off to enjoy summer.



Deja said...

Lepa očalca <3 :)
js pa upam, da kmal brez njih ostanem :)

xo Deja
Deja Zu

Taya said...

Super ti pašejo, sploh na zadnji fotki si zelo lepa.

Mateja Mateja said...

Super očala! :)

olgiepolgie said...

They're great frames! Love the colour, too.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Hvala, punce. Sem že šest let imela stare pa se mi je zazdelo, da si bi kaj novega privoščila.

@olgiepolgie - yeah, they sure are =))

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