Jul 24, 2012

Mango Marbeled

Hey, guys

This is just going to be a quick EOTD, it's very minimal and soft but I found it went great with my white floral print dress.

 As far as the shadows go, I used

Alverde Rose Garden LE white eyeshadow with purpleish/pink, cool undertone.
The orange is Sundara Cosmetics (out of business now) eyeshadow in Saffron.

The liner is my current fav, if not my fav of all time, the d/c Catrice Go, Get Bronzed liquid liner
Also, I am definately noticing improvement in my brows and eyelahes after nearly 2 months of casotr oil treatment. To be exact, I use a castor oil based clear mascara by Alverde. It has other natural oils throw in there, for good meausure I presume :D

Lidl (a chain by Aldi International) used to carry a low fat low cal icecream that had a yogurt base and was marbled with mango sorbet. It was among my staples and I miss it very much :(( 
This is my way of letting my supressed inner foodie have it's trip down the memory lane.



olgiepolgie said...

What a gorgeous look! I love that the bright colour is in the crease. I'll have to give that idea a go.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thanks, girl.
How it turns out to be fun times for you, too :)

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