Mar 13, 2012

Project Cute Box: Gorgeous shades Discovery

Help! What is this mystery shadow?

I got it via a swap but have no idea what company it's from so I'd appreciate it any of you indie MMU connoisseurs could let me know.

It's called Work That Mojo and looks like this.
This is now my holy
grail of shimmery peachy-pink metalic eyeshadows.

I've completey put the Project Cute Box on side for the time being, as I have quite a few pan that I had hit on which leave me in an ever so stressful quest to use them up. They won't die, I tell you, the eyeshadow just WON'T die. 

Initially, this was one of the bleah shades I never even tried or looked at so I wanted it to be over and done with it ASAP. So I put it in my cute box and used it one day.  Long story short, I fell head over heels with this little precious bag and it's now residing happily in it's own sifter pot in the good company of my mineral samples collection .


I wanted it to be dupable. So. Badly.

But Sleek does come close, yet Work That Mojo is so much prettier as it has stronger peach base which give it warmth none of the Sleek Sunset palette shades have.


Galen said...

Google reckons it might be from The She Space which is no longer trading...

"WORK THAT MOJO: golden rose bronze with copper and gold diamonds"

There is a swatch on this blog:

Gone2RehabBRB said...

How typical, can't get it anymore when I actually really like it.
Although this does not look copper to me at all.

Thank you for taking the time to track this down <3.

Aranza said...

you can have someone duplicate it for you, since they are no longer in business. Unique Pigments is amazing and creating custom colors :)

olgiepolgie said...

Yep, I recognise the baggie and the label. It's About Face Cosmetics. They're definitely no longer around.

Marta said...

wow i really love your blog !!! <3

Marcey said...

I can confirm this is from The She Space as I recognize the label. You may be able to pick it as Heather had tons of loyal purchasers. It's not a color I remember purchasing.

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