Mar 8, 2012

Oh noes, another Adele look

The idea here was to do the wing like her's and imitate the color scheme she wore on the lids and in the crease.No lashes this time, sorry :P.
Then I just used gold liquid liner to highlight the edges of the black wing. This was a partial fail, even though
it may look somewhat cute. I felt it the gold wasn't prominent enough and looked sloppy. I really want to re-do this techinque by trying to first lay down a thick winged out gold line and then go over it with black liquid liner. I have a feeeling that would look so pretty.

Black liner: Essence waterproof liner (discontinued) thinly tapered (? word choice) from the middle of the eyes in ward. The thickest is at the outer corner and in the inner corner it only should be barely there.
Gold liner: Catrice waterproof liner (discontinued)
Lids: all matte eyeshadows (Alverde LE stuff)

zomg an overly lit face

Thoughts on how to make the gold look GOLD would be greatly appreciated.



Makeup Zombie said...

You are absolutely STUNNING.

EyeGraffiti said...

love that cute little wing!
hm to make gold appear gold.... tried different lightning? close up? flash settings? surroundings?
i know what you mean, because some looks appear so in another ways on photo sometimes! let me know if you'll find any tricks!/Azure

The Peach said...

Love these shadows and liner! Really makes your eyes look bright!

olgiepolgie said...

Lovely! I love the hint of gold. It give it that something extra.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Makeup Zombie: awww *blushes sheepsihly*

@EyeGrafitti: hmmm, diffrent angle would do. The kind where my eye tends to look ugly usually shows the best color. :D haha

@ The Peach: i wish the liner would be opaque and not watery. Because that would pretty much rock my world.

@Olgiepolgie: Yeah, good point. I would only prefer it a bit brighter.

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