Oct 14, 2011

Lily Lolo Pixie Sparkle swatches

Pixie Sparkle is a shade I didn't expect to find in the Lily Lolo range. It's a true mermaid color. Even Sirvyna talks about it at her blog.

Smooth texture and loads of teal shimmer with gold accents. What a goodness of a color. I can picture it as a liner over a pale peach lid.


When foiled the gold interacts with the teal which makes the overall color more green.
You can see that in the picture below, it's also lit with artificial light. Bottom swatch is foiled, middle is a finger swatch and top is swatch over a primer.

Dry swacthes photographed away from light source. You can see it as almost as satin finish.

Isn't this color just spectacular?



CRYS said...


Corina Muru said...

Wow, really gorgeous color! Definitely on my wishlist, I don't own anything that comes even close to this.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

I feel in love with it.And I hate blues!
I think this would be stellar over black liquid liner.

BooBooNinja said...

This colour is absolutely gorgeous.
Is there any glitter in it?

Also, I'm new to pigments -- I see that a lot of the time, you get much brighter and vibrant colours when you apply pigments wet. Does this affect the wear-time? As in, once the water evaporates, does the pigment kind of fall off your eyelid?

Gone2RehabBRB said...


No, Lily Lolo Pixie Sparkle doesn't have any glitter at all. just finely milled shimmer :)

About the pigments being used wet; it does make them vibrant because as you turn them into a paste you are essentially applying a much thicker layer of color as you would with dry powder. On me it really does tend to fall off when it dries, but I have painfully dry lids that need pure oil to keep them moisturized.

So if you have oilier lids you do not need to worry about it fluffing away when it dries, you might even experience creasing.

If I use a shadow underneath and then layer wet pigment over it I'm usually fine. I always prime my eyes with concealer
because I can't do drying primers. But when I swatch pigments wet on the (ultra dry) back of my hand, yes, it falls off after it dries.
For me a sticky base is a must and for you I recommend you play around a bit to see what works for you; it's all down to trial and error.

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