Oct 14, 2011

Lily Lolo Golden Lilac

I didn't expect to like this randomly picked eyeshadow. But I love it, strangely enough. The texture is smooth and rich, pigmen applies evenly on the skin. 
It's a bit on the buttery side, I very much approve it.

Color is hmmm complex! It's a taupe lilac with gold shimmer. If you foil it, you end up with a gold glaze, that warms up the color of the shadow. You cn best see this effect i'm talking about here.

On to the pictures and swatches of the lovely Lily Lolo Golden Lilac eyeshadow.

Here it is swatched over different bases, my camera focused on the sparkles a bit too overzealously. I'm sowwie. But I can tell you that over a black base you get the most beautiful complex taupe shade you can possibly imagine. Try it out.

Do you have this shade? 
And if not, do you think you would commit to purchase since Lily Lolo doesn't do samples?



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