Oct 15, 2011

Lily Lolo Blushes

*PR samples provided by www.lilylolo.si

Hi, dollfaces 

I was given a few sample of Lily Lolo blushers to try. Links are not affiliate and I get no money out of this, fyi.

The shades were:
Lily Lolo Rosy Apple blush: 3.5 g product,  priced 9.5 € in Slovene stores  (US Store, for Slovene buyers slovenska stran)
Rosy Apple I had bought previously and it looked wrong on me so I gave it away.  I would describe the shade as satanic red shimmer, lol.
Pigmentation is nice, even when blended out it leaves some color on your skin.

Lily Lolo Candy Girl blusher: 3 g product,  priced 9.5 € in Slovene stores (slovenska stran)
Candy Girl is too much of a cool undertone for me to work it. Color is shimmery bubble gum pink leaning toward lavender. This is the sheerest among all four. When blended out, it doesn't leave behind enough color, just frost. I would not recommend it. 
In such cases I wish I was a MU artist so I could tell you which skintones these product would suit. But am unable to do so.
All I can say is that if you are fair and have yellow undertones, stay away from these shades.

Lily Lolo Rosebud blusher: 3.5 g, € 9.5 (slovenska stran)
Rosebud I would totally buy to use as an eyeshadow (not sure if that is safe - use at your own discrection). It's a deep shimmery dusty pink going more toward the plum side of the color spectrum.
It's lovely when blended out or applied thicky as an eyeshadow. 
I would repurchase it to use as an eyeshadow.

Lily Lolo Cherry Blossom blusher: 3 g, € 9.5 (slovenska stran). Shade reviewed individually here.

You can see the first three on the picture below, Cherry Blossom deserves a post of its own beacuse I liked it that much ;)

All of the shades below are shimmery and very pigmented. Which make them useless for my fair skintone. They, however, make amazingly gorgeous eyeshadows. Especially Rosebud.
The texture is soft, smooth and shimmery. They are both easily blendable as well as buildable.You can easily adapt opacity to your liking unless you are pale like me or even paler.


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