Mar 2, 2012

A pop of mellow yellow

  Hi =)

My first time doing something for the weekly showcase in fb group NTMS, themed Mellow Yellow.
I've done a slightly spring themed make-up, that is not too much for daytime but still has a fun pop of color if someone looks at you closely.

I still have my heart set on
using up as many of my Z-palette eyeshdows I possilby can by the end of summer.  I'm doing great wih hitting pans, problem is most colors are neutral so it makes little sense to showcase everything I wear. 

For this look, I used a medium opacity tarnished gold eyeshadow all over the lid and then used a matte bright yellow in the inner corner.
I only put white liner on my waterline and the browbone is highlighted using a cool toned white (with pink undertones and a satin finish).  

I feel like the best way to bring out the warmth of the lid is to put something a tad cooler on the browbone. 

For a change, I managed to curl my lashes really nicely. Haha =)



The Peach said...

Great look for the mellow yellow challenge! I really need to start doing some of the challenges!

Michaela Tacker said...

That's so pretty! I've always worn the same few colors, so a couple of months ago, I got a cheap Elf 100 palette which has me playing with bright colors a lot more. Love this look, may have to do something similar sometime!

QueenxPeaches said...

i can never find a good yellow for myself :( this is so pretty thx

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