Aug 4, 2013

EOTD Orangy lilac

Hey guys =) 

Just wanted to say hello before I wander off to Graz, Austria for a 3-week unwinding  getaway. I wish I had time to do What's in my travel make-up bag, but maybe I'll have some free time when I'm there to show you the bits I'm taking with me. 

I have also been wanting a few drugstore items, manly checking out the P2 stand. :)  If you have any recommendations on what to get, let me know. 

Untill then, this is a simple day look. 
Lilac lower lashes, gold and orange brown on the lid.
Uncurled lashes

The liquid liner I used is Sleek Dip-it Liner.
It's very opaque and very matte. However, it does not resist watery eye from smudging the make-up.
It melts completely, so this product is a complete anti-repurchase worthy thing in my book. And the handle is too short for my liking, I really strugle with lining.

Lashes curled


Katharina said...

I loooove this! It totally suits your eyes. According to p2 I can recommend the khol eyeliners called perfect look kajal. I love the black, brown, petrol and bronze as well as grey. Silver is undetectable when applied,. As well p2 sells chrome kajals which have kind of a metallic finish.. posses a lilac version of it and like it very much. And the intensive khol eyeliners are superb as well,. There is one in turquoise called "eternal Malaysia " that is a fantastic color.

Katharina said...

Ha, finally found my own swatches of eternal Malaysia and wild amethyst, which is the lilac i wrote about before. The text is in german though, sorry. Enjoy austria!

olgiepolgie said...

Gorgeous! I love the lilac twist. The liner looks lovely, but it sucks that it's a pain to work with. Have a wonderful holiday!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Katharina, unfortunately I cannot find p2 in any of the dm's in the entire City. I shall try the biggest mall, if I get the time to get there.

Thank you, Olga, I've had a fab time thus far and am so sad I am leaving Wed.

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