Dec 5, 2011

Random Bright Look

Hello =)

So I'm actually doing a post with written content. My last few were ''scheduled fails'' that I didn't get a chance to edit before they went live. 
Sorry, I was feeling sick all the time with a keto diet I was on for 5 weeks and if you ever tried it, you know that first few days include induction flu.
For me that meant dizziness, passing out and severe sickness and muscle weakness. It was a lot like the stomach flu. A sip of water would work up a storm in my tummy. 

Now I'm back to being overweight due to crazy emotional over-eating. LOL. it's a struggle, what can I say. To just be happy with the way you are would have been soooo much easier.

I think I'd have to do a seperate post on my dieting.

Mkay, the look.

Simple bright pink that I blended out with orange and yellow from Sleek Chaos palette.
The pink is from Sleek LE Monaco palette and it's DIVINE, ok?, absolutely divine.

Bonus pictures; taken with a borrowed Canon (old model of PowerShots). It catches the colors beautifully, however, it does not want to foucus or do macro. If it did more crip pictures I'd be far more pleased with its performance as it picks up color AND texture of eyeshadows more faithfully  than my phone.

I will say I am happy with my lighting situation  but I have yet to figure the angles. I'm casting a shadow over my eyes, unintentional so its hard to show colors. Plus, there is a specific distance to master in regards of macro that i am entirely oblivious of.

My next post is going to be the Dazzle Dust Giveaway. It will run untill january because I do NOT trust the post during this holiday season. I have already packed the Dusts all into sample baggies, they look so cute.<3

so see ya here soon?


The Peach said...

Very pretty colors in this look! I'll be interested to see what this keto diet is about if you do a post on it! Glad you are feeling better!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

It's like Atkins, only you eat healthy fat (omega-3 etc) instead of butter and bacon.

Mateja Mateja said...

Zelo zelo luštno! :D Na meni roza zgleda čisto vesoljsko :(

Bah, diete, dobra si, jaz nikoli nisem zdržala ... Je potem moje telo z boleznijo kar samo poskrbelo za kilograme, ampak prijetno pa ni bilo :/

GenkiOriana said...

Beautiful look: I love the colors and how smooth the makeup appears in the photos. The keto diet makes you sick? I've never heard of it. Is it safe? To google!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Mateja: sem se trudila, ampak me je bilo preveč strah, da si doma še glavo prebijem ob kaki omedlevici.

@GenkiOriana; it's not un-safe per say unless you are diabetic, in which case you may die/slip into a coma. But it's not particulary healthy either.
But it works, sorta

sandryca said...

waw..kok lep make up, res ti lepe učke naredi <3

Urša said...

Makeup je čudovit kot vedno :) Glede fotkanja boš pa z vajo naštudirala! Lahko si še kej poguglaš v zvezi s postavitvijo lučk in odsevnikov (stiroporjev), da ne bo nikjer nobene sence.

Glede teže, prehrane in diet je meni zelo pomagal blog Ne morem povedat, kolikokrat sem se našla v njenih postih in sčasoma tudi dobila drug pogled na hrano, gibanje, diete...

EyeGraffiti said...

what a magnetic pink! and yes sleek is just gorgeous, gorgeous and more!!! and we are also into new lightening, since we recently have made a mini-studio so if you've got some tips and tricks you want to share we are all ears!
I found the last pics with very much depth, and I like such pictures so that's a good job!!!

olgiepolgie said...

This is such a pretty look! I hope you feel better soon.

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