Oct 6, 2013


Hello everybody  =)

I can't believe it's been months since my last post, it o nly feels like a few week.  Well, since I was last here I switched jobs and I'm back to school so lots of eventful things keeping me busy. 

Let me first tell you I absolutely LOVED my stay in Graz. I also treated myself to a few cosmetics bits (Kyrolan among some of the exciting stuff). I had full intention of posting pictures on the blog, but I got fired three days after my return back home. So fining a new job took my rest of the summer vacation before returning to school.

And as I was cleaning folders on my laptop, I found 3 looks I'd done before i went to Graz. Here is one of them.
I mixed the purple shadow from the Sleek Acid palette with an Essence LE Crazy About Color eyeshadow. 
On the lids I'm wearing Lily Lolo eyeshadow in Angelic. 

I made sure to darken the inner corners and the outer corners of my eyes using this purple, only connecting them in the crease ever so slightly.
You might be able to tell I didn't curl the lashes. I opted for that so that the liner shows up better .
To line the upper lid, I used a navy blue shimmery eyeshadow. I dipped my brush into cammomile hydrosol, swept it in the eyeshadow and hen used the back of my hand to create a fluid paste before lining my eyes with it. 

Sorry for being away for so long and not keeping in touch. I intend to put my shit together shorty.

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