Oct 22, 2013

Army WIfe EOTD

Hi =)

Not the best of the looks but look.... GLITTER. Blue glitter liner that I had to throw away after this last time wear - for some strnage reason the gel started to burn my eyes and it had to go. 
I didn't bother to curl those ugly lashes to  bring out the glitter more. 


I was just playing around with Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Aztec Gold. 
I have that all over the upper lid. It's a mossy green with a touch of gold and yellow undertone.
The finish of this eyeshadow reminds me of the texture butterfly wings have.
For the lower lashine and my waterline I used an Essence eye kohl (D/C) and set it with the color from Sleek Monaco palette.
Too bad the liner went all weird on me, I miss it :(

Do you have any recommendation for a glitter liner with blue glitter? Please, let me know

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olgiepolgie said...

Welcome back! I love this look. I absolutely adore the colour on the lower lashline and waterline! It's amazing. Shame the glitter liner is no more. It looks so pretty.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Hi, Olga :)

I am still sad about the liner and i was tempted to continue using it, but nope, it caused too much eye irratation and tossing it was the safest thing to do.

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