Jan 1, 2014

2013 Round-up

 HI =) 
Happy New Year,  pretty gals and lads. 
I really love all the posts that are poping up these days, the 2013 favs, the resolutions, the empties; the rounds up. HEY, why not combine it all, I though. In this post, I'll share my 2013 favorite make-up items with the list I got from Robyn of Eyeliner and Spray Paint, my 2013 empties (I saved the majority of itmes, would you believe it?) and a few things I would like to resolute to.
Let's gets started with

Gone2RehabBRB 2013 FAVORITES. 

EyeshadowLily Lolo Pixie Sparkle

Barry M dazzle dust 39 Tan
Tkb trading mica in Dragonfly mica
Palette: Sleek Storm Palette. Check out the damage I did to this little beauty; 2 eyeshadows gone, loads of them are on their last legs. I do have to say I hate the blue shadow in this, so flaky.
Eyeliner: Catrice Gel Liner, Essence Long Lasting eye pencil (shade Let's Dance)
Face/base: the old formula of Catrice Infinite Matt foundation. Not a single base has stand up to my expectations. For concealer, the only one that works for acne scar is Kryolan Camuflage creme in D0.

Bronzer: Isadora Sun Protecting Compact Powder in 41 Terracotta Fudge. A gem for any pale girl, it's neutral and doesn't make me look orange, the texture is light so it's very blendable and does not cake up. Because I adore it, it of course, has to be LE. I could never fall in love with a regular line product, duh.

Logona blush in Peche. Essence Balerina Backstage blush mouse. My favorite cheek thing in the entire uinverse and it makes me sad it's all finished and gone now.
Lipstick: Miss Sporty Perfect color Lipstick 240 Mascarade, Fleur de Sante In Between Color and Lipgloss shade Sweet Pink. I find that with my new purple frames I can' pull of Russian Red lipstick so well anymore, so this bright Miss Sporty lippie help me step up my  face game without clashing with my glasses. Oh, and sweet dear Sweet Pink, everything I said about you in THIS POST is still true.
Fleur de Sante Creamy Lipglos,  the blue Sleek Pout Paint brough a lot of joy to my boring days this year.

Brush/tool: the buffing brush from Real Techniques Core Colection, Flomar Smokey Eyes Brush, Coastal Scents duo fiber crease brush  and da Vinci Cosmotop Spin art liner in size 0. These brushes are my life, I can literally do all the rest with fingers if given only these four to use for the rest of my life.

Nail polish: Essence Circus Confetti, Catrice let's talk about Barry
Anything not mentioned/bonus item: MyMix Press-it Binder from TKB has made my mineral eyeshadow collection much more wearble. I simply prefer pressed format for my eyeshadows and this thing has really helped. 

Favourite look you did this year (link/description): 
It has to be this smokey eye with the colorful rhinestones simply beause it was so incredibly fun to create. Not every process of make-up application excites me, but this one did. You can click on the image, If you'd like to see the original post.
black smokey eyes with a twist 

Most read post in 2013  (link/description):
I am over the moon to find that my most read post was my Cruelty Free Tag, read 400 times. I cannot stress enough how much it means to me. The whole reason why I have this blog is to showcase ethical companies.
In case you'd like to read it (again) and see exactly where I stand with animal testing for cosmetic purpose, here is the link to The Cruelty-free Tag .
ok, time to move on to 

Gone2RehabBRB's 2013 EMPTIES

Hell, I used up a ton of shit in my 2013 days. The only thing missing in this cute, dusty basket are eyeshadows. 

In 2013, I used up 2 bottles of foundation (Catrice) + 1  that I am throwing away (Lacura from Hofer, hideous stuff). I emptied out Essence and Alvered pressed powders and a S-he bronzer.
I also used 5 concealers:
- Catrice (Camouflage cream, Allround Concealer quartet
- Essence (Match to Cover, and the one in the pen form with the rubbed off name :P),
- Terra Naturi.
Also on the list are the remains of my Nyx Round lipgloss, these were the final three. I am getting rid of one gloss and 2 lipsticks due to age.
Primer Potion from my orginal Naked, all gone now. 
Fleur de Sante Liquid liner and Avon Supershock liners along with the Essence Eyebrow desginer in Light Brown are all dried up and ready to be thrown in the bin. Essence glitter liner with blue glitters started to sting my eye reallly badly, so I decided to throw it away.
6 eyeshadows that I thought of saving for the purpose of such a post, but I did used up a few more. 
The little orangey tube is Essence Natventurista blush stain. 

The great news is I am actually finishing things up and giving my collection a chance to downsize organically, without having to purge useable products.  And the count of products used is higher than the one bought, which means I did good in 2013. No necessary hoarding anymore. YAY.


1. Terra Naturi concealer. At contact with water it just disolves. Disolvesand runs down your face. Useless. 

2. Lacura foundation  was so incredibly oily, too dark and it oxydized to orange. Even when mixed with MAC the white Face&Body. 

3. Kryolan contour pencils in white and black. This just hurts me to say, Kryolan has industrial strengh stuff, they are a theater make-up brand with products made for longlasting performace. These two eye pencils, however, are so hard and stiff they do not apply to the eyes at all. Nor to the waterline. I can get a pale line if I run them through a flame priror to use. REALLY? That's what it takes for a professional eyeliner to show up? I hadn't have a pencil this stiff since I went to highschool.


  • downsizing collection down to 5 items per following categories

    lipgloss  (I currently own 8)
    lipstick (I currently own 20)                                                 lipliners/lip pens  (16)  As you can see, I have a lot of work with lipstick and lipliner ahead of me. Good thing I don't hoard lip product or else I'd be in so much trouble.   
  • trying to use up as much eyeshadow as possible, but as I have 300+ shade to chose from, I cannot set myself any number 
  • using at least 3 different color eyeshadows in every look 
  • post a make-up storage video 

Phew, that's it. I'm done talking now.  

I would love to know what your worst make-up products of 2013 were. Let me know in the comments



Gejba Parokeets said...

Sleek palette look like really well loved product. :D

Deja said...

Haha, tako moja Sleek Au naturel zgleda. Dveh senčk ni več, trem se vidi dno, ostale sledijo;)
Najslabši? hmmm. Pomoje, da kakšna maskara. Letos sem jih res dosti probala in več al mnj o ble vse blah. Isa dora big bold mi je trenutno še najljubša :)

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