Jan 2, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013 make-up

 Oh HAI. 
Nice to have you back :)

This year, I decided I wanted a colorful NYE eyeshadow look. Although the main focus was parrot-like colors, I still kept my lining very heavily black and somewhat harsh. Of course, I had to use glitter and false lashes, both of which are not partculary obvious when using phone camera.

 The whole look started with me smearing
white kohl pencil over the entire lid and then setting it with a matte yellow eyeshadow (I used Sleek Sunfest). Then I placed the medium blush shade from Sleek Flame Blush by 3 palette in my crease.

Here's the part you can't really see on these pictures but I put Darling Girl Glitter Glue all over the yellow lid.
I patted Lily Lolo Angelic eyeshadow in the inner coner and Darling Girl Bronze glitter all over the lid. 

I had to deepen the crease at this point, so I took a brigh fuscia pink Dazzle Dust to do the job and it did what it was supposed to quite brilliantly.

After that it was just a matter of gel liner all over and a pair of falsies. Well, it's a lie to call it  a pair, I found one lonely stray lash and decided to put it on my right eye for picture only. I'm speshul like that :P

And I was all ready to  sip on my expensive sparkling wine.

How was your NYE?


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