Jan 4, 2014

Summer bronze

Hello =) 

Well, just check this backlogged post out. Photos so over-lit by the scorching sun it almost seems like and inconsiderate joke to post in in the begining of January.  I do notice my brows looked fabolous back then, must have been my bushy phase. I was also my scares lashes phase.

Recalling the product used
is going to be impossible.

All I know the liner on the waterline is Essence kohl, and was also wearing blue  Essence glitter lon top of my regular black liner.
There is a very big chance I used my Sleek Sunrise I-divine palette, judging by the orange shimmery lid.  The reason to share this is I really liked the contrast with the warmth and the cool blue liner accents.

Omg, so much light on my cheeks. 


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