Jan 4, 2015


It has become a tradition for me to use Fyrinnae Dinosaur Plushie eyeshadow
 in my NYE eyeshadow war paint.I mean, it's rainbow glitter. How can you not want to rub rainbow glitter all over yourself. Glitter is, however, notoriusly hard to capture if you do not have state of the art picture capturing devices and tools. For a "low-tech make-up is just a on-n-off hobby" type of gal, showing you how well I sparkled is quite challenging. I resorted to filming my moving eye, but just rewatching it made me dizzy :) Kudos to all the
internet make-up people who do this on a regular basis and keep their followers engaged.

In itself, this a look done with purple eyeshadows that have blue douchrome and blue sparkle. Lily Lolo Chocolate Fudge Cake being one of them. I think I've declared this shadow my fav eye dark fairy dust many, many times before. It's amazing, I'd advise  everybody to simply get it. Inner corners are done using Essence Disco Diva (D/C). 

You might get a feel for the sparkle in the below un-focused picture.

Happy 2015,  everybody, may it be full of joy and may you adorn your face with a cloud of sparkle and glisten your way towards 2016. 



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