Apr 18, 2013

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Silver Brown 52

Hey guys =)

Today I have a Barry M Dazzle Dust 52 Sliver Brown to talk about. 
So lets take a look at the pot:

 dazzle dust silver brown 52 swatch
When I first got this I was unimpressed by the poo terracotta color. However, when you take the lid off the shadow itself looks nothing like it does through the glass. 

The name is very suiting, it's literally silver brown. The combination of a warm brown and silver sparkle I found very unique. Unique to my collection, at least.
 dazzle dust silver brown 52 swatch

Here's the fun part, the swatches.Without a base or moisture you can rub/blend this shadow out to be an almost matte chocolate color.
Wet application will give you a silver overlay of sparkle.  

Fun, right?
 dazzle dust silver brown 52 swatch

I've had this for over a year now I do not recall using it in a look. I plan on fixing that promptly. This is why I put out of its storage onto my daily make-up shelf to remind myself to use it and hopefully I can edit this post with information on its perfomance on the lids.

Firstly, patted over Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue it forms a velvety texure of a cool tone (purply) brown color. After a while, once it settles a bit, the velvet finish shifts a bit toward more shimmery texture.
I had minimal fallout, only the biggest chunks of glitter fell down on my cheeks and I am glad to report there aren't that many chunky particles in there.

It is a wonder find in the world of eyeshadow, I highly recommend it. It reminds me slightly of Lily Lolo Smokey Brown eyeshadow, although Smokey Brown is cooler as it does not have a terracotta base. 

If you take a brush, dip it into the dust, and then tap off the product as much as you can, it will apply to the skin in a soft, terracota brown. I tried this over a layer of concealer on my lids and it worked lovely. I still got an even application, no blotchiness or anything of that sort. It kept a smidge of silver gleam, yet nothing overpowering.
It is very saturated in pigment so you use minimal product. 

Overall, it's a great cruelty-free product at an affordable price.
The jars comes packed to the rim with shadow so expect it to last a very long time..

This shade I highly recommed and I will re-stash it should I ever run out.



Maja said...

Ful lepa barva :D

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