Jun 20, 2013

Coming soon: Spark Jewelry

Hey guys =)
There is a new Spakler in town! Le derpy moi :)

Check out my new dandelion flowerette ring. Rather unsual, I thought. The desgin immediately got my attention and I got increasingly enamoured with it when I was told other see it as a representation of a firework. I love fireworks!

By the way it is made, it catches the light to the center of the little blubly thing, which makes it more intriguing to wear.

It's standard bijoux material that I am unable to identify, but  the construction of the ring it is very sturdy. 

Unfortunately, the size of the ring is not adjustable.

The sparkly little fellow is courtesy of a newly opened company, Spark, the stockist who label their accessories as "stylish and accessories. The site is still in "Coming soon mode" as the grand opening is due in June. I'm curious to see how they expand their collection in the future.
They desribe styles  offered as:
"glittery, shimmering, hard-metal, dark punkish, ethnical or tribal, or just simply cute & sexy".
How can I say no to shimmering and cute&sexy?
You can still browse through product albums on Spark-jewelry Official FACEBOOK PAGE

To those who subscribe to their newsletter, Spark is offering 20 % off the first purchase. You need to go to their site, submitt your email - and that is it, that's how is they will notify you the store is opened.

They are a Slovene company, but they shop worldwide. Which is not something Slovene stockist do very often. 

Should be fun having more dazzle on our market. 



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