Apr 24, 2013

Fyrinnae Giltterboi swacthes

Hey guys =) 

What I love about Fyrinnae's Arcan Magic line is that each pot you open makes you go all like OMFWTH-IS-THIS-SORCERY.
Let's face it, they are, as a brand, unbeatably awesome. 

I have Fyrinnae Glitter Boi swatched for you and I am quite proud of the captured shift so please keep reading after the jump, that's where the true Arcan Magic begins :)  

This eyeshadow looks like any ashy pale blue with predominantely purple, but other colored too, sparkles. 
In fact, it is a complex multi-sparkle blue with a shift to purple in certain light.  It holografically morphs from something awesome to something truly amazing. 

 It works best patted carefully over Pixie Epoxy, that way the sparkles stay in place and you get a true color.

Dry and wet swatches.

I took this off-focus shot to show some of the sparkle that this color contains.

This picture in particular shows how it looks in daylight.I really love this shadow so much that I refuse to use it in fear of finishing up my jar.


Deja said...

Eyegasm :D Čudoviti sta <3
Me veseli, da nisem edina, ki ne uporablja nečesa, da ne zmanjka, čeprav mi je všeč.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Če pa mi jih je škoda za vsak dan,ko pa imam toliko navadnih senčil. :) Moram si pogosteje privoščit 'ta boljše" senčke.

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