Oct 12, 2011

PCB: EDM Jane Eyre swatches


I decided to swatch all items in my Project Cute Box as I go and used them. This time it's Everyday Minerals eyeshadow, shade swatched Jane Eyre.
This shade is the embodiment of neutral, yet it has a bit of a sheen that is by no means overwhelming.
Would I repurchase? Nope, it's too boring.

Althought this shade looks stunning on cheeks if you want a contour with a slight glow at the same time.

When you foil it, it shows more of the white sheen and leans more toward a satin finish.

Here you can see, the shiney part is foiled and the matte looking shade is just a finger swatch. it's actually quite pretty. Neutral gals will love this. For me it's a bit on the cooler side.

You don't care about Jane eyre? want some Nyx Pearl Mania instead?
Click on this image :D


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