Aug 23, 2012

Eye-catching even without mascara

Hey guys :) 

I was reading a make-up blog in German where the girl used a black base for a borning sheer brown eyeshadow. To my surprise, it looked fabulous. 
Never has it occured to me to have a black base under ''daytime colors''.

I HAD to try it out. This is the end result :)

I use my amazing black base by
Essence, it's the Balerina Backstage LE eyeshadow souffle in  Grand Pile. 

Gosh Paradise loose eyeshadow is what I have on my lids. It's a light shimmery gold with a yellow-green tinge. See what the black base did for it? So so gorgeous.

Lily Lolo Sand Dune eyeshadow in the inner corner. The black base under it brings out the peachy tones a lot more than anything else I've previously tried with this sheer eyeshadow.

Vitaskin Beauty (a long ago discontinued brand by Krka, a Slovene pharmaceutical company) olive green eyeshadow with golden sparkle blended out to the browbone. Browbone is highlighted with a duochrome white shadow with a green shift. 

Liner is from an Alverde LE and it's a warm forest green with lots of gold. It gives definition without overpowering the green on the lids; I was worried black might do that. Especially since I was not going to wear mascara, I wanted a product that isn't too deep. 

Dealing with mascara is a painful thing, I try to avoid it as much as I can. Long lashes which are hard to curl and form an L-shape downwards take a looooot of work to look decent. Pseudo asian lashes, I shake fists at you! *shakesfists* *vigorously*

If anyone tries out a black base under their favorite neutrals you should definately come back and let me know!

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swatchfreak said...

Čudovito! Črna res izcimi najboljše iz teh senc :)

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