Aug 23, 2012

Pink Panties with a gold overspray

Hey guys =) 

 Hope you all are doing OK and that summer is not giving you skin problems like it is to me. 
Seriously, breakouts, when was it ok to occupy a persons face in a season when heavy make-up just isn't comfortable neither to wear not to see someone wearing?!

Here is a rare everyshadow mish-mash  for me - pinks. But it's all ok because I used my favorite palette of all times
or at least, to what has Sleek brought out in to date: Sleek Monaco LE  I-Divine palette. 

I wanted a pink and gold combination and I wanted it to be vibrant and yet blended. With eyes as small as mine that is not easily achievable. It could be if I used pin needle sized brushes, but I wasn't feeling up for the time-comsuming detail work this time.

I was inspired by Swatch Freak. She has a very distinct shadow placement I been trying to mimic but I cannot seem to do it. I think it's just my eyeshape is being in the way, stupid little buggers.
She is also known for her amazing sense of color-coordination and predominant use of indie mineral make-up. You'll love her BLOG, I am sure of it. 

The lid color I made myself using Alverde Rose Garden LE white eyeshadow, an Isadora lilac color with blue shift and EDM corrector in Lavander. I used it on my cheeck as well. 
I went straight for that bright pink from the Monaco palette and layered it a bunch on my outer corners.

Inner corner highlight is Kayla eyeshadow by Joppa Minerals. 

The lipstick was given to me by a friend and it comes from one of those Mueller Drugstore Make-up traincases. 

And then I traced an U shape over my lid, starting at the end of my lashline. I used Essence Metallic Eye Pencil in 03 Iron Goddess (discontinued now, it's only a yellow based gold kohl anyway). I layered Sweetscents Arizona Moonlight eyeshadow on top and blended it out using the pink I put on my lids.

This look is two things;
a) WEARABLE. This was not my initial intention when I sat down to play with make-up, I really wanted something out there and gloriously loud. It turned out cutesy, so I can't be too mad at myself for messing up ever so slighlty.
b) BLUE EYES friendly.

I feel like I always end up liking color combinations that in my head sound wrong, yet once applied to my actually eyeballs I warm up a bit to the idea of wearing them.

Blue and pinks, in my case. What are your colors that do not excite you one bit?

Let me know
XO, V.


Lojs said...

Aaah.. its so lovely when your skin decides to go mental without ones permission..
My skin used to get zits the size of small aliens, that then exploded into giant craters of ewwh.
Lucky for my skin, it has stopped that incredibly mean behavior.

And pinks does not excite me.. At least not my face, around the eyes. Pink lipsticks make me drool, but not combined with the red hair. :D
But... silver and pink.. on eyes.. hrr....

swatchfreak said...

Joj hvala pohvale in za link do mojega bloga :) Enkrat bi se lahko zmenile za kakšen guest post. Ti na mojem, jaz na tvojem :>

swatchfreak said...

Ahja.. Makeup je ful lušten, tak pomirjajoč a vseeno viden :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@ Lojs: argh, stupid skin is stupid! Glad you're out of that madness now.

@swatchfreak: Ni blema ;) In jaaaaa, res bi lahko enkrat. Ampak mi je treba na pladnju servirat eno temo, ker zadnje čase nimam nobenih lastnih umetniških vzgibov :P

Boss said...

those eyes

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