Sep 9, 2012

Sample baggie look

Hey guys!

I'm sharing a random eye look. I was going through my mineral samples collection and I pulled out these colors to play with .

Products used:


Essence gel liner from Natventurista  LE, shade Mother Earth is Watching You

I liner my top lashes as well as bottom lash line and waterline. This particular gel liner feels amazingly comfortable on my waterline, althought it give little to  parctically none definition is still love how it warms up my waterline.


  • Meow LE Friday13th eyeshadow in Unlucky 
  • Meow LE Friday13th eyeshadow in  Misfortune 
  •  Meow LE  eyeshadow in Necromancer 

    The darkest shadow, Necromancer is on the other corner, connected to Unlucky on the lid. Innercorner
    has Misfortune in place of my regular highlight.

It looks very different in pictures, in real life Misfortune was not so blue. If anything, the blue base of the shadow just lies there as a pretty undercast for the gold shimmer on top. So I am not quite sure what happened here. :/


I'm thinking this look could take some light gold browbone highlitghing, actually. Might keep that in mind for future reference.



miha.ela said...

pretty color combo, i love the eyeliner!


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