Sep 7, 2012

Monaco Navy Smoksie Sexyiness

Hey guys =)  

Grab your Sleek Monaco palettes because this is the look we are doing today. Yes,  I know it can be subsituded by anythng. But i am partial to cheap stuff.


The look itself is incredibly simple; pack as much of navy eyeshadow as youi possibly can and then take a red pink and soften the edges. For this look I kept the crease low.

Oh yeah, and I added some false lashes that were on their last legs.
If the look a bit beaten up it's because they are. I have little luck with wearing false lashes. My real downward-growing-pain-in-the-butt lashes make it look horrible because they ALWAYS stick out. 
Little bastards.

Some face whoring to show you all how purdy my blemishes are. So attractive, V!

And one more final farewell picture of this look:

I love colorful smokey eyes. They be sexy!


Lojs said...


Deja said...

Wow! ful lep makeup!
Kaj pa si probala svoje trepalnice in umetne "spojit" z uvijalcem za trepalnice? Pa maskaro nanest po tem, ko naneseš umetne trepalnice? Meni to pomaga.
Umrla duckface (ta je že advanced :D).
And you're purdy ;)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Lojs : thank you :)

@Deja: ne bo haska, ker maskare zravnajo trepalnice in je potem še bolj vidno, ker so odebeljene in navzdol zavihane.
Edino z vodoodporno maskaro bi lahko!
Ampak potem uničim umetne trepke. Pa tale look je bil narejen for fun pred spanjem in tuširanjem in pri takih stvareh mi je škoda uničevat trepalnice.

Robyn said...

This is gorgeous! I'll have to do a navy look this week now! (Do you curl your lashes before you put falsies on? I have short lashes so I have to do that with some falsies sometimes or they stick out as well :( )

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Robyn: I would curl if I was going to wear this out. It hadn't occured to me at the time it would look so hideous on macro :D

My lashes hold the curl ONLY if I heat the curlers AND use a coat waterproof mascara. Because that combination causes so much lash trauma and breakage, I try to avoid it.

Saimese said...

the colour combo looks great on you. I hate when I think I did a good job at applying falsies but they look absolutely ridiculous in pics up close.. so frustrating!

olgiepolgie said...

Love it! That dark blue shade is to die for.

olgiepolgie said...

Love it! That dark blue shade is to die for.

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