Aug 27, 2011

Sleek Saturday with Liloo

Hello, everybody

Today's post is a colab with the lovely owner of It's a fun little project that involves getting your underloved Sleek palettes into some use. Hence Sleek Saturday! 

The palette I don't really use is the Chaos platte and you can read why I don't reach for it HERE

Shades used:
- yellow
- red plum (next to white in the palette)
- white
- black
The application
1. White on the browbone.

2. Yellow in the crease and blended in the white. Then I added orange to deepen the crease.
I kept going in with yellow and then orange and then yellow because these are so sheer. :(

3. I applied the plum on the lid and blended it with orange.
4. I mixed the black with the plum and went over the entire lid concentrating on the outer third. 

Then i rimmed and lined using a black liquid waterproof liner and addded falsies.
All there is to it. 

Cheeks: the orange shade from Chaos palette.
Lips: Essence LE I'm Sailing lipstick that you can win HERE
Go visit
and to check out her Sleek Satruday look and if you want, tell her what you think of my creation :)


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Ronnie said...

Give me your eyeballs!! :D

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@ Ronnie: Haha. =)
It must be the phone's led light.
Blame it on that.

The Peach said...

Love this look! The falsies look amazing!

esteeem said...

Lovely! I love tropical colours together esp when pink and orange are involved together! <3

SilhouetteScreams said...

Loooove the lid shade. This reminds me of a sultry sunset :)

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