Jul 20, 2011

sleek Chaos i-Divine Palette

Sleek needs no intorduction, on pricing and general review and info please refer to my first Sleek post

Here it is in comparison to Monaco palette, but please note the colors are not completely true to colors in real life - refer to swatches below for a better idea of what they look like.

See what I mean? Swatched on bare skin they look pretty much blah! So primers/bases are the buzz word
when talking about Sleek Chaos i-divine palette. Unfortunately.

My complaints about the pigmentations:
  1. the yellow is not pigmented, but makes a beautiful transition color with almost any look you can think of
  2. the white is not pigmented, or should I say opaque. It just disappears into my skin, not providing highlight at all
The rest of the colors are gorgeously pigmented.
Trouble is I dislike greens and yellows on me. But I love the rest of the colors.
Would I repurchase?
NO. The fact that these are matte and considering standards of Sleek quality I would expect every single shadow to be awesome. But they are not.
I only adore 6 of the 12 eyeshadow and thus a repurchase does not appeal to me.

Ok, that's my opinion. Sowwie, Sleek


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The Peach said...

Interesting that this palette is a disappointment. While I don't have any Sleek palettes, all the reviews I usually see are good. But they can't all be winners!

Taya said...

Glede bele in rumene senčke se strinjam. Pričakovala sem, da bosta bolj pigmentirani. Ampak na splošno pa mi je ta paleta všeč.

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