Oct 9, 2011

Dazzle Dust #89 Oyster Grey swatches

Hello, everybody

You might remember my Birthday Haul
 where I showed a bunch of newly acquired Barry M Dazzle Dusts loose eyeshadows. I have now swatched
all of them and will show you each shade in detail. So I you want me to finish with a comprehensive overview of my entire stash, let me know in the comments. I might do either my fav/recommedations or group them by color.

First one to be swatched is Barry M Dazzle Dust number 89 Oyster Grey. This is a really unique color shifting shadow with fine complex shimmer. It looks a plain taupe leaning toward greyish purple. Basically, it appears to be a velvety grey with gold shimmer haze and pink shimmer haze.

But when applied wet, it turns into a bright purple with red undertones. What makes the shade so special is that when swatched it looks like NOTHING in the pan.

Barry M Dazzle Dust 89 Oyster Grey swatches

Swatches, left is wet application using damp brush
 right is dry finger application.

See what a crazy difference foiling makes? I'm still shocked. 
But in all honesty, i'd prefer for this to be a true taupe with the complex shimmer. Simply because I don't have many taupes in my collection but have loads and loads of purples.

If I use a primer, the color is more true to pan which I like. But I still cannot get over the fact that this is purple. =)

Not all Dazzle Dusts are great, but this one is so complex and pretty I recommend it. And I would repurchase it, no doubt.The texture is creamy and soft, no chunky glitter in this beauty! Makes the application quite easy, however, it's loose powder so it is bound to be messier than pressed shadows.

Hope this helps
<3, V.

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Miss Bekka said...

*jaw drops*
That... is an incredible difference. And such a lovely shade of purple!

darksome: said...

Krasna senčka! (*o*)

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