Jul 21, 2011

REVIEW: Avon Calming Effect Illuminizing Foundation

UPDATED Feb 20, 2012
Avon tests on animals and I felt I need to let you know
I will not be buying from them again. You can further read about this issue HERE 

Meet my summer 2011 foundation, Avon Calming effects Illuminizing foundation in the shade Nude.
This retails in the range of 10-15 €, you can usually get it at a discounted price, though.

It's a standard 30 mil bottle, but it has a pump. Yay for pumps.

In general, I think Avon packing is lovely, quite classic looking.

Here is a swatch:


I enjoy the texture of this foundation. It goes smoothly on your skin and perfects it. Doesn't look cakey, it looks EXACTLY like skin,  only better.
My skin has not developed a reaction after 2 weeks of use which is good. Because Avon Ideal Shade in Ivory broke me out like something crazy, but Ideal Shade in Nude didn't break me out at all which is so strange to me. Am doing a review on Ideal Shade as well.

It's rich and moisturising so for summer my T-zone is not happy if I don't use setting powder. I think the foundation would be inappropriate for very oily skin, actually.
So for texture, application and apperance on dry skin I give this product 10/10.
For comfort of wear i give it 9/10.
For longevity wear I give it 5/10.

However; I have issues with the undertone and just the shade selection in general. I couldn't find a pale, undertone foundation with Avon. Which is a shame. Ivory is my perfect shade match but is so pink I can't wear it. 
Nude is in the summer when I'm tanned rather close to my skintone, but the undertone of this shade is all wrong. It has a peachy undertone. And I'm yellow so Dear Avon CEI Foundation in Nude, I'm sorry to say but we are uncompatible. And because it is peachy, I will get slighty orange on my after 6 hours of wear.

For shade range I give this product a 3/10.

Would I repurchase?
No, because I couldn't match me to a T.
It's quite upsetting because it's awesome foundation otherwise, and It works with my summer skin coloring. And I will continue to use it because it looks like real skin and hence doesn't show that you really arent that tanned.

Hope this  helps any of you guy.


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Rinz said...

Avon does have great products! :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

The pencils and the lipsticks are to die for.

And foundation would be phenomenal if
they knew the concept of PALE.

Anonymous said...

Se strinjam, Avon tudi zame nima pravega odtenka :( shell mi je sicer ok za čez poletje, ivory je že pretemen, nude pa ima napačen podton.

Gone2RehabBRB said...


Če pa je Ivory nasvetlejši in še ta ima roza podton.

Anonymous said...

Ja shell je eden izmed odtenkov, ampak mislim da ni med svetlejšimi. Aha, pol sem se zmotila glede ivory, vem da sem nekaj časa nazaj sprobala vse odtenke, pa nisem našla pravega zase.
Pravi moj odtenek so zadeli pri Lily Lolo - China Doll je popoln zame :)

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