Dec 23, 2010

Ode to the Grinch EOTD

Happy Holidays, everyone.
Despite being green I hope this post doesn't ruin your Chistmas :P

Manhattan eyeshadow base (the worst product I've bought in a long time)

Alverde LE liner in Magic Forest
Essence mascara

Bella Pierre eyeshadow in Lucky

no-name light frosty green shadow

A few extra pictures:
Placement is a bit different than my normal ways, but it turned out ok.
This is the green look, there's a red one coming up tomorrow.  After that I'll show you  some cute earings and do a post about my fav looks of 2010.

 I'm prolly even do a best/worst products of 2010 post.

Talk to you all very soon!
~ V.


LAURA said...

Lovely look!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Thank you :D

MartianDelights said...

I disagree ! The grinch is ugly and this look's beautiful !

The Peach said...

Very pretty look! I'm a huge fan of the Grinch, so I love this!

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@The Peach
Thank you. I actually like this green look for some reason. )=

Gone2RehabBRB said...

N'awww, I think the grinch is a cute little green thing :)

LiisK said...

I think you may have gotten an old Manhattan primer - it dries up too fast! When fresh, it's great - when old, it cannot be spread evenly over the lid.

Gone2RehabBRB said...

I think you are absolutely right.
I bought it and it had a finger print!!

So I scooped out the product that had been touched and swiped the rest with a q-tip soaked with 97 % alcohol.

No wonder it was dried out lol. :D

SilhouetteScreams said...

Woooo so much green! Love the liner :D

Gone2RehabBRB said...

Much to my surprise, the liner worked out ok =)

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Nice Christmasy green! My sister wore a bright green for Christmas, haha. It looked adorable with her white and red striped shirt. She's so festive x3

I opted for a touch of army green with gold shimmer. xD

Don't really know why I told ya that, doesn't have much to do with your post but anyway, there you go lol. :)

Gone2RehabBRB said...

@Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー
awww, that sounds super cute.
welll, i'm the least festive person on the planet :D

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