Jul 7, 2011

keeping it fresh


Wearable, neutral and nothnig special? Yepsie, it's one of them posts.
Watcha gonna do *shrug*.
Black eyeshadow at the outer corner.
EDM in the shade Jane Eyre.

A downward sheepish glare&stare contest

Added a blue liner on the lower lashiline to make it less ... neutral?

And then lip polished up into a pouty kissable entity. Isadora Mositurizing lipglos with jojoba oil, shade unknown. It's the peachy one.

 That's for the neutral side, now it outta be the time for some brights? yeah!
Who's with me?

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The Peach said...

Great neutral look! Yes, time for some brights now!

LiisK said...

This is such a lovely color! Reminds me of TKB's Moonstone or Simply Naturals' Cafe Satin. I used to think these colors suit everyone until I tried them yesterday on my friend :D, she looked as if beaten up.

Rinz said...

Love those looks!

Anonymous said...

very nice...

SilhouetteScreams said...

Pretty and polished as always :)

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